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Mavado & Alicia Keys got something in the Oven

Singjay Mavado recently completed a recording session with American songbird Alicia Keys.

This is Keys' first collaboration with a Jamaican artiste since having remixed her single No One with veteran Junior Reid and her appearance on the remix of Cham's Ghetto Story.

After performing at the Hot 97 On the Reggae Tip show last Friday night, Mavado went straight in the studio with the multi-platinum singer.

In a recent release, he stated, "Last year we left the Reggae Tip show and recorded a track with Lil' Kim and Wyclef, this year it was straight into the studio with Alicia Keys. I am very focused on my career right now and I'm just trying to elevate myself and Jamaica on a whole through music. Working with Alicia is an honour and a pleasure."

It has been quite a year for Mavado, who has completed an extensive international tour of places like the US, UK, Europe, the Caribbean and Japan, and has continued to be one of the hottest acts in Jamaica.

The collaboration with Alicia Keys is a reggae track and should hit the airwaves very soon to create the buzz for Alicia Key's impending album.

He said, "My management and hers got together to make it happen and their was a great chemistry in the studio. It's the first time I've sung on a Studio One rhythm and I'm very pleased with the outcome. Alicia loved it too and I'm sure we will be working together on projects in the future."

The track was laid down at Alicia Keys' own state-of-the-art The Oven Studio in New York.

Source - The Jamaican Star

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USAIN BOLT 9.58 SuperParty - For Fun, Charity and Celebration

Usain Bolt and his management team have announced that they will host a two day series of activities ending with a one-of-a-kind SuperParty, December 4-5, 2009.

“We want to achieve several objectives”, outlined Norman Peart, Usain’s Manager. “Of course we want to celebrate Usain’s phenomenal 2009 achievements with his friends, family and fans, and we felt that nothing would better represent Usain but a party where he could mingle and have fun with everyone. However our aim in producing this SuperParty goes beyond celebrating Bolts accomplishments, as we now move to a phase where the world sees Usain St Leo Bolt, passionately and responsibly inviting people to visit, party and do business with Jamaica.”

The series of events will include a celebrity sports clinic, a celebrity media reception, a visit to Sherwood Content by Usain and his specially invited guests, and will end with a SuperParty that will feature live local and international entertainers, along with guest disc jockeys. The party will host international celebrity athletes who have become friends of Usain, and who he will personally invite, along with his Jamaican team members and other Jamaican athletes, to come celebrate with him.

While the party will be the climax to the event series, Usain is also very excited about the sports clinic that is planned as a part of the activities. “ I have been lucky to be given the chance to meet so many wonderful and talented athletes from all around the world, and I believe that if I can create the opportunity for youngsters to meet , interact and work with top class professional athletes, it will be one of my greatest achievements. I want to invite some of these professionals who I have met, to come to enjoy the weekend with me, and also to spend time with some youngsters, and share their knowledge and experience with them.”

The party will not be just a celebration, but will also be a way to raise funds for charity and community activities. One major activity will be focused in Usain’s hometown. “Currently the medical centre in Sherwood is built on leased land”, Mr. Peart advised, “and there is the possibility that they may be forced to move as the land may go for sale. We want raise funds that can go towards helping with the purchase of the land, so that the centre can have a permanent home, and also be refurbished. Depending on how much we are able to raise we will also funnel funds through the United Way to other worthy charities”.

Turnkey Productions has been appointed by the Usain Bolt management team to produce, manage and market the event. My team which is made up of several top class professionals will be putting the full force of our production and marketing expertise behind the event. We are thrilled to be working with Usain and just like him everything is going to be the best”, expressed Walter Elmore, head of the production company. While details of the entertainers are still to be finalized, Elmore did stress that these will be chosen from the top local and international artistes. “Usain himself will be inviting the celebrities who he would like to attend and believe me the list is exciting” he hinted.

The 9.58 SuperParty will take place on December 5, 2009 at Richmond Estate in St Ann. This venue will provide a beautiful and spacious setting and will be able to offer more than adequate and secure parking. It will also be in close proximity to many hotel rooms which is important as the event is expected to attract many overseas patrons. It’s definitely going to be an event to remember and all are invited to come out and enjoy it while supporting some very worthy causes.

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Mavado Birthnite bash

Beres Hammond's Mother Dies

The mother of Jamaican reggae singer, Beres Hammond, has passed away at the phenomenal age of 98.

Roslyn Patterson passed away on September 12th in Port Maria, St. Mary, West Indian Times reports indicate. Patterson was born in Portland, Jamaica but lived most of her life in Annatto Bay, St. Mary, the website reported. Mrs. Patterson was also the grandmother of Sharon Gordon of TSO Productions.

Hammond, born Hugh Beresford Hammond, in Annotto Bay, Saint Mary, Jamaica is known in particular for his romantic lovers rock. His career began in the 1970s but he reached his greatest success in the 1990s. His first album of the new millennium was 2001’s Music Is Life, which featured an appearance by Wyclef Jean.

The 2004 release Love Has No Boundaries, had guest spots by Buju Banton and Big Youth.

November, 2008 saw the release, by VP Records, of yet another album A Moment In Time featuring the single I Feel Good.

Source - Carib World News

Lady Saw doing it 'My Way'

The undisputed queen of the dancehall Lady Saw is getting ready to rock the music industry with the impending release of her latest album, entitled My Way, and although the sassy lyricist isn’t signed to a record label, she’s promising fans that the independently produced project is “the best of Lady Saw to date”.

Modestly speaking, the album is a sizzling representation of the renowned skills of the lady, who saw fit to pen hits such as Woman Mi Name, If Him Lef, I’ve Got Your Man, Chat To Mi Balk, Walkout, and more recently J-E-A-L-O-U-S, Your Boyfriend, and Beg U.

“If you think you’ve seen the best of Lady Saw, think again,” Lady Saw, whose real name is Marion Hall, quipped. “People might think they’ve got the best of Lady Saw already, but believe me when I tell you, you ain’t seen nothing yet, because my brain is always writing and the best of me is yet to come”.

Obviously excited about the upcoming project, she let out that the cover for the album will be shot in Port Antonio next week – and in true Lady Saw fashion, will have that unmistakable international flair.

“We’re shooting the cover for the album, and with everybody that’s flying in for this, it’s going to be HOT! The stylists flew in after they worked on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards and one big excitement, and I’m geared up for this,” she said.

Also noting that the 15-track project will be available for digital download, the high-riding deejay said she's in discussions with two international companies who want to offer that service.

"I feel young. I feel like I'm just turning 18! I'm doing some wicked crossover tracks, and I'm finishing up some surprises to make sure the album is kept how I want it, to make sure it's kept My Way".

Source - Black Sheep

Morgan Heritage tells us about their Journey

Since their 1997 VP Records debut Protect Us Jah, Morgan Heritage has shined as one of reggae’s best bands. The accomplishments of the group and individual members are formidable; as songwriters, producers and a touring band. This family of talented performers has released eight studio and two live albums which has extended the audience and definition of Reggae. This finely honed modern roots identity, which has made Morgan Heritage one of Reggae’s most enduringly successful acts, is showcased throughout this greatest hits CD/DVD compilation, The Journey Thus Far in stores October 27. This comprehensive disc features the group’s finest recordings to date, plus two previously unreleased tracks. It also features concert footage of The Morgans performing in Senegal and Gambia plus nine of the group’s most popular videos.

The CD commences with the title track from Protect Us Jah a simple yet heartfelt prayer for spiritual strength sung over Bobby Digital’s brilliant reworking of the Heathen rhythm, i.e., the instrumentation from the Bob Marley song by that name. From the same album, Let’s Make Up demonstrates the group’s flair for love songs and features Una’s lead alongside her brother Gramps. Liberation is the name of the song and rhythm track taken from Morgan Heritage Family and Friends Volume One, released in 1998 on the family’s HMG label. Produced by the group alongside their father Denroy, several artists voiced on the rhythm including Capleton and Jah Cure but none was more significant than the Morgan’s tune, a stirring tribute to the durability of conscious reggae music. Heritage reached out to celebrated producer Bobby “Digital” Dixon for his production acumen on their international breakthrough release Don’t Haffi Dread, released by VP in 1999. Don’t Haffi Dread remains one of the most requested in the group’s hit-filled repertoire with its easily sung, catchy refrain “you don’t haffi dread to be Rasta”.

“It’s not everyone with dreads who embraces the faith of Rastafari and it’s not every Rastaman that have dreadlocks,” lead singer Peetah explained.

The exquisite Down By The River, taken from Heritage’s fourth album More Teachings, released by VP in 2001, is an anthem of renewed spiritually sung over producer Dean Fraser’s flawless remake of the 1965 What Kind of World rhythm, popularised in a hit by The Cables. The group’s self produced Meskal Square, so named for the main square in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the birthplace of Christianity and the spiritual home of Rastafari, conveys the central importance of Ethiopian Emperor and Rastafarian Savior His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie as well as Christianity in their lives. Jah Seed, also produced by Morgan Heritage, is a sensitively sung allegiance to “the light and leader of all things, the glorious king” Jah Rastafari.

The Morgan’s returned to Bobby Digital, with whom they have created some of their most outstanding tracks, for their 2003 VP Records release Three In One. The romantic She’s Still Loving Me has an irresistible country and western flavour that seamlessly dovetails with the band’s roots reggae sensibilities while the contrast between Peetah’s emotional tenor and Gramps’ soulful baritone make this one of the group’s most requested tunes. A Man is Still A Man is characterised by gentle harmonies, a rocking bass heavy rhythm and a timeless message that is expressed with renewed vigour.

Also from Three In One is the group’s remix of their dance-reggae hit Jump Around, a tribute to reggae that evokes Bob Marley’s 1979 disco hit Could you Be Loved as laminated with a 21st century punk edge. Layers of crunching guitars played by Benji Madden of the punk group Good Charlotte are punctuated by Mr. Mojo’s vivaciously rapped verse, which typifies the multi-genre inspirations that colour the Morgans brand of contemporary roots music. Among those influences is punk rock, which they were heavily exposed to as one of the featured acts on the punk leaning Vans Warped Tour in 2002 and 2003.

Two of the biggest reggae hits of 2004/2005 were produced on enormously popular one-drop rhythms by Donovan ‘Don Corleon’ Bennett and included on Heritage’s 2005 VP Records release Full Circle. Peetah earned cheers from women everywhere as he rebuffed the advances of Your Best Friend on the Drop Leaf rhythm while Tell Me How Come? on the Seasons rhythm forcefully decries the injustices that abound in Jamaica from the continual fight against Rastafari, to the discrepancy in education offered to rich and poor children, to the preponderance of guns in ghetto areas although none are made there, all of which is embodied in the song’s affecting chant: “Life is so unfair, this is what we swear.” Gramps’ robust lead drives I’m Coming Home produced by Robert Livingston for Big Yard Productions, one of several songs the group has written about the loneliness that accompanies life on the road, something they are quite familiar with as one of reggae’s busiest touring acts.

From the group’s 10th Album Mission in Progress released by VP in 2008, Brooklyn and Jamaica produced by Shane Brown, draws gritty parallels between reggae’s birthplace and the borough of kings, home to the largest population of Jamaicans off of the island. Nothing to Smile About produced by Kemar “DJ Flava” McGregor, presents a heart wrenching look at the incongruity between the opulent resorts of tourist Jamaica versus the impoverished conditions endured by the majority of its citizens, underscored by Peetah’s poignant delivery. The sensual Love You Right produced by Everton Hardware (better known as Singing Melody) and Michael Steer demonstrates the group’s romantic side, an aspect of their identity much appreciated by their numerous female fans.

Two previously unreleased Morgan Heritage tracks appear exclusively on The Journey Thus Far, namely Here To Stay, produced by Kurt Riley, is a one-drop reggae love song, that pledges a lifetime of devotion, despite the problems inherent to any relationship. Guards Up produced by Frenchie (of the UK’s Maximum Sound) offers a forceful commentary on increasing violence in Jamaica and updates the traditional Flower Drum Song rhythm, in a further realization of the group’s ‘Rockaz’ sound.

The Journey Thus Far demonstrates Morgan Heritage’s collective building process and their extraordinary evolution from a precociously talented teen aggregation into one of contemporary Reggae’s most powerful sonic and lyrical forces. Throughout their profound journey, Morgan Heritage has pioneered Jamaican music’s popularity in such far flung locales as the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean to the rural Northern U.S., where many residents had never even heard the word reggae prior to their appearances there and they’ve made roots reggae relevant to a generation of fans who weren’t yet born when Jamaican icons such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Dennis Brown were touring the world.


1. Protect Us Jah

2. Let’s Make Up

3. Don’t Haffi Dread

4. Reggae Bring Back Love Bonus DVD Footage

5. New Time, New Sign Africa Is Calling

6. Liberation Nine (9) Music Videos

7. Down By The River

8. Jah Seed

9. Meskal Square

10. She’s Still Loving Me

11. A Man Is Still A Man

12. Jump Around (Remix)

13. Tell Me How Come

14. I’m Coming Home

15. Your Best Friend featuring LMS

16. Brooklyn & Jamaica

17. Love You Right

18. Nothing To Smile About

19. Here To Stay*

20. Guards Up*

*Newly released bonus tracks

Source - VP Records

Romain Virgo touching Caribbean Charts

Romain Virgo has claimed stardom as his birthright and continues to shine with consistent dominance of charts across the Caribbean through his soulful reggae ballads. With hardcore dancehall remaining the most sought after genre for many young Jamaican musicians, this powerful vocalist continues to display maturity and dexterity in the varied musical package he creates for fans.

Loved by listeners young and old, and inspired by reggae greats, Virgo released the hugely popular tune This Love in 2007. The next year, the talented singer and songwriter released singles such as Cyaan Sleep; Time Tuff (a cover of Toots and the Maytals original); Love Doctor and I Wanna Go Home. This year he continued with the release of Alton Ellis medley, Who Feels It Knows It and Murder, a song which focuses on the troubling issue of crimes being committed against our children.

As testament to Romain's dynamism, these releases have charted locally and internationally. Cyaan Sleep grabbed the number 1 spot on the RETV Charts. Recently the single moved to the number 2 spot on Suriname's 96.3FM Radio SRS's charts and made the US Virgin Island's chart; I Wanna Go Home made Hot 102's Top Reggae Singles for 2008 and went to 11 on St. Croix, US Virgin Island's Charts while Cyaan Sleep shot to number 1 where it stayed for two weeks on the St. Croix, US Virgin Island’s Charts. I Wanna Go Home had great success in the UK where it went to 7 on their New Style Radio chart. The song's video made it to 4 on the Video Alley Reggae Top Ten Chart.

His youth has not prevented him from displaying a high level of social consciousness which is reflected in the song Murderer. Now 19 years old, Romain wrote this song in response to the high rate of brutal crimes being committed against our children. Romain is particularly disturbed at the horrifying aspects of the local crimes committed against the youth.

"Crime against children is a concern not only in Jamaica, however since the start of the year crimes against children have increased dramatically in Jamaica. It is sickening to hear the things done to our children and as an artiste, I have something to say about it and if I can change at least one person, with my music then that's an accomplishment for me because the children are our future, and without them, the future of our country is uncertain," the young songwriter says. "I am trying to reach out to the murderers, but not only the murderers but those who rape and molest children," he continued.

Romain is happy that this recently released single is getting good airplay from most local stations as he believes this will help to get the message across to those who are abusing children. Due to its popularity, he believes the song will make the local charts soon. Plans are under way for the imminent production of the video for the single to help cement the message and complement the airplay.

The young songwriter is currently pursuing a Diploma in Music Performance at the Edna Manley School for the Visual and Performing Arts with a major in voice and a minor in keyboard. After this he will move on to the bachelor's degree

Showing 'Stone Love' in the Caribbean

Not many sound systems, across the world, can say they have been around as long as Stone Love has.

In fact, the Immortal Stone Love will celebrate its 37th anniversary this December with a blow-out bash at the Mas Camp.

However, if you can’t wait that long to party with the Jamaica’s premier sound system, you can make your way to Stone Love headquarters every Wednesday night for Weddy Weddy Wednesdays for an evening of great musical entertainment from some of Jamaica’s top disc jockeys.

The weekly dance party has been a mainstay in dancehall culture and for the past three years, has had major sponsorship with Magnum Tonic Wine, who of course contributes to the evening’s surprises with lots of Magnum giveaways.

Magnum Tonic Wine has been touring the Caribbean with Stone Love this summer. On August 21, the pair made a stop at The Party Place, Barbados and on the 22nd, The Living Room, a multi-level night club, in Arema, Trinidad. Despite the weather, partygoers in the eastern Caribbean got a taste of the immortal sound and Jamaica’s leading tonic wine. The patrons anticipated the coming of the immortal Stone Love from Jamaica and the party kept its full swing until the wee hours of the morning

Local Selectors threw down their best with hardcore juggling and presented a cool mix vibes: one of Stone Love’s top senior selector Gee Fus had both venues in frenzy with his creative ways of handing over Magnum giveaways and cash prizes, and the patrons left the venue satisfied some lingering behind after the event to meet the Magnum Girls. A Barbados patron was presented with a trip for two to Jamaica.

Pigeon Point Beach in Tobago was next in line and they too got a chance to party with the Stone Love and Magnum Girls. The party area was filled to capacity and the patrons saw a spectacular performance from the stunning Magnum Tonic Wine girls, who left nothing to the imagination. There was a Michael Jackson dance competition and a Magnum drink competition, which yielded Magnum Drink give-aways and cash prizes.

But Jamaican partygoers need not feel left out. Magnum has guaranteed to have strong presence at every major Stone Love event, especially at the 37th celebration of Stone Love’s immortality at Mas Camp in December.

Vybz Kartel set to release 'Pon di Gaza'

Vybz Kartel is perhaps the most talked about man in Dancehall--a captivating figure noted just as much for his supposed rivalries and alleged personal controversy as he is for his suave but brazen delivery, racy content, and sharp lyrical agility. His latest album Pon Di Gaza, slated for release on iTunes on Tuesday, September 22nd, gives listeners a totally different perspective; an in-depth look at the man behind the myth.

Released on the Adidjahiem Records/NotNice Records label, Pon Di Gaza is a complete portrayal of the life and times of Adidja 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer. Tunes like the Billboard-charting single "Ramping Shop" featuring Spice, "Virginity" featuring Indu, and "Like a Movie" give audiences the flashy Vybz, while new singles like "Teardrops," "What You Won't Do for Love," "Can't Frame Me," and "Yea Though I Walk" gives personal testament of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of Adidja.

"The exclusive tracks were done late last summer, and reflects the mood of what I was going through at that point in time," states Kartel. "Detained in jail without just cause, relationships between my baby mothers and myself--each with a different outcome, the death of a good friend...real life situations. I think my fans will love to get personal with Kartel, so this is their chance."

Since his initial introduction as deejay (emcee) in 2002, Kartel quickly established himself as one of the most domineering talents in Dancehall. That same year, he was crowned Deejay of the Year at the Stone Love 30th Anniversary celebration. In 2003, he nearly topped the Billboard Reggae charts for the most singles sold, coming in second to Elephant Man.

Crossover singles like "Tekk," "Gun Session," and "Ramping Shop" have earned Kartel international recognition, in addition to collaborations and remixes with Hip Hop and R&B stalwarts like Jay-Z, Rihanna, Missy Elliot, M.I.A, Pharrell, Kardinal Offishal, Akon, and Jim Jones. In recent years, he has been nominated for Source, VIBE, and MOBO awards.

In 2009, Kartel has had six number one singles in Jamaica: "Last Man Standing;" "Million By A Morning;" "Ramping Shop" featuring Spice; "Mama;" "Dollar Sign;" and "Completely" featuring Indu. In addition, he scored two international hits with "Ramping Shop" debuting on the Billboard Top 100 Singles charts, and "Dollar Sign" being in regular rotation on popular urban stations in the U.S. This year he was also recognized by the EmE (Excellence in Music and Entertainment) Awards for Song of the Year, Lyricist/Songwriter of the Year, and Male Deejay of the Year.

Pon Di Gaza is slated for release by Adidjaheim Records/NotNice Records on iTunes ( on Tuesday, September 22nd. The album's production credits include Ainsley "NotNice" Morris, Lenburgh "Leng" McDonald, Jordan McClure, and Tarik "Russian" Johnston.

Source - Ms. Raine Inc.

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Jamaicans have been clamouring for top quality family oriented entertainment and now those calls have been answered. NewComm in association with some of Jamaica's most respected companies has partnered to bring the gripping, nail biting TV game show Digicel Deal or No Deal to Jamaica's number 1 TV station TVJ.

Part game show, part psychological thriller, Digicel Deal or No Deal is the ultimate stomach-knotting test of nerves. A mix of skill and chance, the original show, produced by Endemol, which premiered on Dutch TV in 2001 had audiences gripped from the start. Word quickly spread around the world about this TV sensation and soon the game was off to Australian TV, where it first became known as Deal or No Deal. Now in 2009 Deal or No Deal is a hit in over 100 countries from Asia to the Middle East and Jamaicans will get their chance on Wednesday September 23 at 8PM to win millions on Digicel Deal or No Deal only on TVJ.

Hosted by Simon Crosskill, Digicel Deal or No Deal is an exhilarating game show where contestants play and deal for a top prize of $1 million in a high-energy contest of nerves, instincts and raw intuition. Each week, the game of odds and chance unfolds when a contestant is confronted with 26 Jamaican beauties holding 26 sealed briefcases full of varying amounts of cash – ranging from a measly $1 to a whopping $1 Million. Without knowing the amount in each briefcase, the contestant picks one – his/hers to keep, if he/she chooses – until its unsealing at game's end.

The risk element kicks in when the player must then instinctively eliminate the remaining 25 cases – which are opened and the amount of cash inside revealed. The pressure mounts in each round, after a pre-determined number of cases are opened, the participant is tempted by a mysterious entity known only as "The Banker" to accept an offer of cash in exchange for what might be contained in the contestant's chosen briefcase – prompting Simon to ask the all-important question – Deal or No Deal?

The Digicel Deal or No Deal Banker is the unseen, unheard antagonist on the game show. After each round, The Banker speaks to the host Simon Crosskill via Digicel Blackberry Smartphones on the contestant's desk. The money on the money tree is held by the Banker. As such, his role is to make cash offers to buy the contestant's chosen case rather than allowing them to continue and risk them winning much more.

As each case is opened, the likelihood of the player having a valuable cash amount in his or her own case decreases or increases. Viewers will see if, truly, fortune favors the bold. The contestant knows that as long as the larger cash prizes haven't been opened, The Banker's deals will only get higher. And if the conflicted contestant accidentally opens a case with a bigger cash value – The Banker's offer could suddenly evaporate.

The success of Digicel Deal or No Deal can be narrowed down to one essential element: The Contestants. Win or lose, it’s the players who are the stars and will keep audiences tuning in again and again. Some will be reckless, some intuitive, some just plain lucky, but everyone will have a different method and a different story. With such large sums of money at stake, Digicel Deal or No Deal can be a life-changing experience.

TVJ's General Manager, Kay Osborne believes that Digicel Deal or No Deal will be a big hit in Jamaica: “TVJ is pleased to be a partner in bringing the Digicel Deal or No Deal series to local television screens. We are delighted to provide Jamaican families with another solid hour of fun and entertainment each week during this difficult period. Digicel Deal or No Deal is the newest addition to TVJ’s popular entertainment programmes slate."

With Digicel Deal or No Deal viewers at home will also have a chance of winning cash by playing the Lucky Case Game. In this game there are 3 cases: A, B & C each randomly containing a cash value: $5,000, $25,000 and $100,000. At the end of each show, starting at 9PM, viewers will be able to text to enter as many times as they like for six days for a chance to win one of these cash prizes (Entry closes at midnight on Tuesdays) . A winner will be randomly selected every Wednesday morning and the selected winner will have to tune in to the show that night on TVJ to see how much cash they have won. Near the start of each show on a Wednesday night, Simon asks that episode’s participating contestant to select a case A, B or C, as carried by three of the show’s models, this case will be revealed and show how much cash the selected winner has won.

The aim of Digicel Deal or No Deal is to give contestants a chance to win a whopping $1 million while at the same time providing quality entertainment to the viewing audience. The secret to the success of the show lies in the well-balanced combination of both mathematical, and psychological elements all coming together to produce a game show thriller. Based on the successful format from Endemol, that has aired in over 100 countries, the Jamaican version: Digicel Deal or No Deal is produced by NewComm with an all Jamaican crew headed by Producer / Director Tanya Taylor. TVJ will premiere Digicel Deal or No Deal on Wednesday September 23 at 8pm.

Source - Alykhat PR

40'000 Strong Enjoying Reggae in Japan

A whopping crowd of more than 40,000 Japanese fans descended upon the Yokohama Reggae SAI music festival in early September to celebrate Mighty Crown's anniversary in the business and the landmark 15th anniversary of the event.

The vibes were incredible in Yokohama, Japan, as Japanese dancehall enthusiasts were indulged with a performance by Dancehall legend Barrington Levy. A sea of fans embraced Barrington Levy, as he delivered an impressive set consisting of hits including "Here I Come," "Murderer," "Unda Mi Sensi" and "Too Experienced." Levy went on to rip "Living Dangerously" by flawlessly performing Bounty's part. And of course, the crowd went crazy each time Levy dropped his signature scat "didleydidleyooooh." For Levy, this was an exciting return to Japan after being away for more than 20 years.

Also a special guest, not advertised, Half Pint amused the crowd with an array of selections like "Level the Vibes," "Crazy," "Landlord" and "Win Some." Half Pint closed his well-received set with his epic smash "Greetings."

As "The Far East Rulers" have elevated Dancehall music and culture in Japan to unprecedented heights, Yokohama Reggae SAI is an ideal glimpse of how enormous Mighty Crown's position is in the country. The event reached an all-time high when founding Mighty Crown members Masta Simon and Sami T took over the stage with a live and direct, 8-round sound clash. With their claim to fame as a worldwide clashing sound system, no stone was left unturned. The brothers battled, introducing a new theme in each round. They even unleashed video dubs in one round. While Sami played a video dub of Beenie Man that dissed Simon. It was a TOK dub that Simon entrusted to fire back at Sami. The response was great!

In addition to the concertgoers lending their un-interrupted attention to Mighty Crown, the crowd roared in excitement when a legion of Japanese artists graced the stage. Artists Pushim, Ryo the Skywalker and Fire Ball were among the best received. Boasting dynamic performances, Fire Ball surprised the crowd with an end-of-show, special guest Daville. The Jamaican Reggae singer enticed the audience with three of his songs. Known for donning crisp vocals, Daville was a hit.

"This was another great year of Yokohama Reggae SAI." said Masta Simon, co-founding member of Mighty Crown. "Each year, the event increases in popularity....drawing more and more fans to experience an international Reggae Dancehall experience. "The awareness of the event is also soaring in Jamaica," added Mighty Crown's manager Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin.

The 15th Yokahama Reggae SAI went out in spectacular style with a fireworks display that was out of this world. Mighty Crown was quite pleased with the show's success. And what made the event extra special was the official Japan release of the Mighty Crown Dynasty High Nike sneaker. Focused on the future, Mighty Crown's Dynasty High Tour is set to jump start in October. Always bridging the gap between Japanese and Jamaican culture through the power of Reggae music, for Mighty Crown -- the sky is the limit.

The Yokohama Reggae Festival SAI has become Japan's largest Reggae music concert. Over the years, what reads like a who's who of the Reggae music industry have taken center stage at the epic event including Beenie Man, TOK, Wayne Wonder, Voicemail and many others.

Jah Cure Moving on with the Music

Sobe Entertainment/Danger Zone artiste Jah Cure controlled the charts this summer with his smash hit Call On Me featuring Phyllisia. On that foundation Jah Cure was able to please the thousands to which he performed and was excellent on Sumfest, Beenie Sizzle and several other top flight show in Jamaica and overseas. Not only has Jah Cure been an ever present feature locally but the artiste has also cracked the US market with his recent collaboration with Jason Mraz and ace rapper Lil Wayne on Mraz’s I’m Yours Remix.

The track has a tropical feel and blends the smooth vocals of Jason Mraz with the beckoning wails of Jah Cure and the platinum rhymes of Lil Wayne. This genius of a hit is presently number one on Power 96 in Florida, beating out Drake and other mainstream international artistes. The track has received over 2 million spins on Jah Cure’s Myspace site. I'm Yours Remix was produced by acclaimed producer Lu Diaz who is known for the Busta Rhymes’ Arab Money Remix and has also done work the DJ Khalid, Rick Ross, Pitbull and Kanye West.

Jah Cure has had a successful summer and now the artiste is set to consolidate the gains he has made both on the local and international scene with his latest video for the song You’ll Never Find. The video directed by Asha Mchail, has been climbing the charts on local cable channels Hype TV and RE TV. With this video Jah Cure is set to dominate the last quarter of 2009.

Asha Mchail believes that the You’ll Never Find video is an excellent follow-up to Call On Me: “I am happy with the turnout and the setting at Jakes in St Elizabeth was excellent. We did some underwater scenes that added a different dimension to the quality of the video. It is a very intimate video and harkens back to a simpler time when life was easier. Jah Cure works hard and always puts 200% into what he’s doing to get the job done; that’s why his work has been of such a high quality”

In the last quarter of this year Jah Cure will return to the Caribbean for a series of shows. Dates are already confirmed for Trinidad, St Vincent, Bahamas and several French Caribbean countries as well as dates in Amsterdam, France and Scandinavia. Already there is a buzz that Jah Cure will be in town and based on last years’ trend these shows will be sold out.

This year has been watershed year for Jah Cure; one in which he maintained his focus and reaffirmed his position as one of Jamaica’s top reggae musicians: “I am really happy with how the year has turned out so far. The fans have been fully behind me and I have worked hard to ensure that the music that I put out is worthy of their praise”. –Danger Zone Music Group/SoBe Entertainment recording artiste Jah Cure.

Check out the Track here

Source - Alykhat PR

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The 400 Club...Fashionable, Elegant and The SEXY

On Saturday, October 3, 2009

* The 400 Club will be held @ The Hopefeild Great House, 22 Hopefeild Ave.

* From: 9pm to 3am

* $3,000 Pre Sold ONLY.

* Playing Nothing but the BEST. Reggae, Hip Hop, Soca, R&B and so much more...

**Dj Smoke from Renaissance
**Dj Narity.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rising Stars favors Brown Sugar

“I’m not scared of lions and tigers and bears” the fearless Brown Sugar sang, just moments before she won the title of 2009 Digicel Rising Star. The long anticipated finale of the sixth season finally arrived last Friday. After months of auditions, performances, and numerous memorable experiences, the 2009 Digicel Rising Stars Journey has finally come to its end as Jamaica picked the best from the west.

The night, which started at 8:30pm at the Courtleigh Auditorium, had Yendi onstage for the last time this season. After announcing the season’s judges, Nadine Sutherland, Anthony Miller and Clyde Mckenzie, she went to Kiki who took the Chill Room to the Mas Camp stage. Kiki kept the Mas Camp crowd hyped up as they all watched the elimination show on the big screen.

The Denham Town Princess, 2008 Digicel Rising Star, Cameal Davis, opened the show with her widely popular, inspirational Believe. As the audience sat still in eager anticipation, some still in disbelief that the show had really come to its end, the judges did their round up of the season.

Nadine went first, stating: “It’s the first time we’ve had so many females in one competition, and so many strong females... you saw some people that immediately went out of the gate and you had some people that at the end, people were not looking at, they were dark horses, and they just emerged, so this competition became interesting. So it was a pretty exciting year.”

Clyde, who had similar thoughts, commented: “I think it has been a remarkable year, I think in terms of the depth of talent this has probably been one of the best I’ve seen and I’m very happy to see how the show progressed through the year. So yes, all in all it’s a nice little show!”

Anthony then concluded with the be all and end all statement: “A nice mix of talent, but in a talent show like Rising Stars you’ve got to have that focal person and that always generates the interest and we had Chris and Noddy one year, and this year the focal interest is on Brown Sugar.”

After the judges were through, the final two contestants joined Yendi on the stage for a final joint performance of Alicia Key’s Super Woman. The performance was well received by both audience and judges alike.

Princess Tia’s final performance as a Digicel Rising Stars’ contestant then followed. Tia performed the song she most connected to at this stage of the journey, Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror. A crowd pleasing performance, Clyde commented: “She has grown tremendously and what I have admired is her resilience, she has been able to withstand batteration... yes, she is intelligent, poised, and I think she has a very far way to go.”

Brown Sugar’s final performance as a contestant came next. Singing the same song that took her into the top ten, Jasmine Sullivan’s Lions, Tigers, Bears, Sugar gave an awe inspiring, goose bump inducing performance that would have given Adena a run for her money, showing truly how fearless she really is.

“Brown Sugar is a fascinating character, I think she has energized this competition, she is a marketing marvel, she is able to define herself, brand herself, and hey, that’s Brown Sugar!” commented Clyde.

Anthony concluded: “Talent shows are not just about vocal prowess, you have to have a vibe and a hook, and her hook is those blonde wigs and those outfits, I mean Brown Sugar puts her sexuality on its limits.”

It was then time for the BIG announcement. After months of campaigning and intense competition the final two awaited their fate. Yendi finally announced the Digicel Rising Star for the year 2009: “Mitzie “Brown Sugar’ Campbell!”

After Princess Tia was presented with her second place, $600,000 cheque, CEO of Digicel Jamaica, Mr. Mark Linehan came forward to present Brown Sugar with her $1Million check amidst a flurry of falling confetti. Brown Sugar who accepted the check speechlessly, and still in shock, soon regained enough composure to perform one of her Digicel Rising Stars favourites: Tanya Stephens’ What A Day.

With the first half of the exciting night over, the girls were then quickly swept away to Mas Camp via stretch limousines where they proceeded to chill in the star packed VIP area backstage.

The rest of Mas Camp, which was crammed to the point of over flowing enjoyed an all Digicel Rising Stars line up, which included K'Alee, Romain Virgo, Daynea Deacon, One Third, Chris Martin, Cameal Davis, Cavan, Laden and the entire 2009 Digicel Rising Stars top ten! Tessanne Chin joined the Diva Adena during her performance of Black Book, while I-Octane sang Mama you alone with Princess Tia in a tribute to her mother and both Etana and Tifa accompanied Brown Sugar during her performances of Roots and Spell It Out respectively. G Whizz, Assassin and D Major also made appearances on stage.

The night finally came to an end at 1:30am, five fun filled, anxious, exciting and memorable hours after it had began. The little girl from Negril who had bloomed right before our eyes every Sunday evening for the past eleven weeks had this to say as her parting words: “Yes, Digicel Rising Stars is the best experience I’ve ever had in my seventeen years, of life and I will never forget it!”

Meanwhile the blonde Duchess from Bogues, and 2009 Digicel Rising Star, Brown Sugar plans to hit the ground running: “You see true mi no waan stale, mi ago go back to di hotel room and write a song, right now! Mi have to get to work right away, cause mi no waan die down, mi waan keep di likkle fame and di popularity going same way!”

The Sixth Season of Digicel Rising Stars has finally come to its end, congratulations Brown Sugar, continue to make Jamaica, your voters, proud!

Source - Alykhat PR

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Distant Relatives - Rumoured Track Listing

Queensbridge native Nas has recently been in the news as of late, but unfortunately it has had nothing to do with his music. Dealing with Kelis and her money grubbing ways has taken the rapper out of the musical realm and his album with Damian Marley seemed to have been put on hold.

A rumored tracklist recently hit the net which would suggest that the album is actually still on the way, although no release date has been announced as of yet. The project was originally slated to hit shelves in August, but it’s clearly September now. As it stands, 2009 should be the year to expect the final project.

It was reported that a portion of the profits that come from the purchase of the album Distant Relatives will go towards building a school in Africa. See, Oprah isn’t the only person that cares.

Nas has stated that he is already in the process of beginning to work on his tenth studio album and should go into grind mode after the release of the collab album. After the release of Untitled it might be time to place heavy priority on this joint effort coming out quickly so Nas can continue the reign of lyricism in Hip-Hop that has emerged in 2009.

Referring to the tracks, it is evident that they were serious when they said the album was meant to put focus on Africa and bring it into the light for everyone to be aware of and acknowledge. The continent has been raped and gone through countless trials that it is still forced to endure, but it seems as though its problems don’t hit the radar in terms of significance to the overall picture of the world. Clearly an album will not change everything, but hopefully the two have compiled a body of work that will shake the foundation and open a few eyes to the motherland.

NAS & DAMIAN "JR GONG" MARLEY DISTANT RELATIVES preview from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Rumored Tracklist for Distant Relatives:

1. Intro (Something New) (prod. Damian Marley)
2. As We Enter (prod. Damian Marley)
3. Revolutionary (prod. Damian Marley)
4. Count Your Blessings (prod. Damian & Stephen Marley)
5. Belief is Key (prod. Damian Marley)
6. Africa Must Wake Up f. K’naan (prod. Nas, Damian & Stephen Marley)
7. Black Horizon f. K’naan (prod. Damian Marley)
8. Only the Strong (prod. Damian & Stephen Marley)
9. Our Generation f. Joss Stone & Stevie Wonder (prod. Damian Marley)
10. Empowerment (prod. Stephen Marley)
11. AID (prod. K’naan & Nas)
12. Let’s End It (Poverty) f. K’naan (prod. 9th Wonder & Damian Marley)
13. The Earth f. Bob Marley (prod. Salaam Remix, Damian & Stephen Marley)
14. Black Man’s Paper f. Erykah Badu (prod. Afry) [UK Bonus]
15. Weed On f. Snoop Dogg (prod. Damian Marley) [iTunes Bonus]

Source - Dancehall USA

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Aidonia Bolt Action Mixtape ...preview

With the Streets buzzing about the soon to be released mixtape - Bolt Action which will see the lyrical Prowess of one of dancehall's finest throwing rhymes over infectious beats with the help of Federation Sound and the team from the Bird's Nest - Equiknoxx, here is just a teaser of what to expect,

Big ups to Ruption Diboss for the Video

Bob Marley Bobble Head

Fans of Bob Marley will be excited to see the amazing legend hero created as a great Bobble Head and that he is singing one of his most famous songs ‘Buffalo Soldier’. The Bob Marley Bobble Head fixed on a ‘Buffalo Soldier’ stand probably is the best way to depict the popular Reggae legend.

“Buffalo Soldier” song is an ode to all African origin people who immigrated to America and fought for survival; Yeah, they did arrive and survive. This year is a celebration of Bob Marley, all other Africa-American singers and Black music for another reason – The President of United States of America, Barack Obama himself has his roots in Africa.

Nothing much has changed though in Africa. Poor people from African continent still have to flee their troubled, conflict ridden, poor nations and arrive on the shores of unknown nation as “Buffalo Soldier” – fighting on arrival, fighting for survival as the song goes. The song is so true even today.

This Bob Marley Bobble Head will be popular with all his fans and fans of Reggae music which celebrates even the most difficult of struggles. A must have for all those who collect celebrities statues and Bobble Heads. Everyone needs a face of a hero for inspiration and motivation. Order Reggae Legend Bob Marley Bobble Head here for $10.99 and play his songs to make Bobble Head come alive in your home and inspire young minds.

Source - Dancehall Usa

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

***Kingston Allstars***

Jamaican audiences have grown accustomed to the lack of variety in the sound system arena. A group of young men aims to separate themselves from the pack and have combined their skills to create: the Kingston Allstars. Based on the dream of Dj Triple X and the need to represent our country's music in a positive and entertaining way, the decision was made to join forces and pioneer this new movement.

Consisting of members Laurin “Dj Triple X” Antonio , Daniel “Supastylz” Moreno , Tremma “Ras” Logan , Rajiv Bill$ Punancy, Dwayne Empire Tulloch and Richard “Master P “ Pusey - all with experience in various aspects of the entertainment industry. This experienced group of selectors have stamped their individual and collective marks on a number of parties such as Absinthe, Twisted Spirits, Bills , South Beach and they will be most remembered as the resident DJs at the 2009 Heinekein Igloo Series.

The Unit started out playing at house parties and birthday parties just over a year ago. Their skill and appeal soon had patrons requesting them on a more professional level, and it was at that time that Empire decided that there is a desire for this kind of sound system in the musical arena. This movement has grown from strength to strength, therefore the decision to further branch out and create a sound system with a more positive international appeal was made.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring you... the Kingston Allstars.


  • Dwayne “Empire” Tulloch: Manager
  • Rajiv “Bill$” Punancy: Manager
  • Tremma “Ras” Logan: Treasurer
  • Richard “Master P” Pusey: Selector
  • Oshane “Triple X” Hewling: Selector
  • Daniel “Supastylz” Moreno: Selector

Contact Info
View Pictures from thier Launch Party - Click Here (SKKAN Media Pictures)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Mighty Crown Dynasty World Tour

Jamika Pessoa 'The Next Food Network Star'

This month we interview Jamika Pessoa, the `The Next Food Network Star` contestant of Jamaican Heritage. Her contagious smile and Caribbean inspired recipes were on display for 6 weeks on season 5 of "The Next Food Network Star". She made the final 4 cut before being eliminated. As we rooted for her each week she inspired many in the Caribbean community to view our food in a different light. We interview her a month after the season was completed.

Q. Tell us about your Jamaican Background?

My dad is from Jamaica. He was born in Westmoreland.

Q. Who came up with the unique name Jamika?

My father named me. He said that he wanted to give his last born a name that would remind him of home and make him smile every time he said my name.

Q. Have you visited Jamaica before?

Yes Several times. As a child, my family and I used to vacation in Negril and visit my aunt in Montego Bay. Just recently, I visited Ocho Rios on vacation. The RIU is a beautiful resort.

Q. What is your best memories of the food in Jamaica? What is your memories of the food your Jamaican parent (s) cooked?

My dad is the cook in the family. He has been living in the states for over 50 years now, but he always used to send back home for Jamaican ackee, callaloo, spices, spice buns, fruit cake, you name it. I remember as a kid him being so excited when that package would come in the mail. The first Jamaican dish I remember having was curried chicken. I still use the original family recipe to make my curried chicken today.

Q: What inspired you to enter the contest The Next Food Network Star`?

I was inspired to enter the competition because I love to cook, teach, and entertain people. I also wanted to bring my flavors as a chef to the Food Network. I felt they needed a little spicing up!

Q. How has life changed for you since you have been on `The Next Food Network Star`?

Since the show, I have been recognized all over the place and so many people tell me how much they loved me on the show. I am still working hard at cooking, but it is nice that when I say my name now, people already know who I am. It makes getting into doors a little bit easier now.

Q. What would you say was you best and worst moments on the show?

My best moment was winning the Good Housekeeping challenge and sharing some of my family’s traditions with viewing audiences. The worst had to have been the Intrepid challenge. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong that day. Although I did not produce my best dish, the fact that I still presented something edible on the plate was a miracle.

Q. In episode film in Miami Beach I recall one of the judges mentioning that your Jerk did not have a hot kick to it. People seem to be under the impression that Jerk is suppose to be hot/spicy at all time. What are your thoughts on that?

According to my father, if you are not sweating while you are eating, then the jerk is not right. Although jerk is traditionally spicy, for larger crowds like that party, you don’t want to blow your guests heads off with spicy jerk. When I cater, I try to keep my jerk a little on the spicy side, yet extremely flavorful. Making too spicy of a jerk only ruins the flavors of everything else you serve.

Q. Where you surprised when you were eliminated?

In retrospect, I was not surprised at the judges call. At that point, I realized that I did all that I could and no matter how much more talent or culinary skill I had over the remaining finalist, I was just not what the judges were looking for.

Q. Can you tell us how the intense competition affected relationships on the set?

In the beginning, the competition did not affect us too much. It was towards the end, when I really saw people’s true personalities coming out. Desperation to stay in the game, really brings out the worst sides of people.

Q. Who on the show is going to be your friend for life?

I am still good friends with Michael, Debbie, and Katie. We all talk all of the time. I am glad that I met them; because all of us are so different, I would have never met them had it not been for the show.

Q. You met a few famous people while on the show. Which one of these people were you most looking forward to meet?

I was most looking forward to meeting Bobby Flay. As a chef, I made it my goal to impress his palate.

Q. What is your favorite show on Food Network?

I like watching the cake competitions. I do not bake, so I love watching other people do fascinating things with cakes and sugar.

Click here to read the full article

Rasta Got Soul US Tour Pressing on past Gay Bashing

Gargamel Music is pleased to confirm that four-time Grammy nominated Reggae artist and icon, Buju Banton will kick off his hotly anticipated Rasta Got Soul US Tour on September 12th in Philadelphia. We are disappointed by the hasty cancellation of a few shows by Live Nation/House of Blues and Goldenvoice/AEG, but fans will be happy to know we have over 30 confirmed shows that are definitely playing and we are working to replace the canceled dates. Now our team is primarily concerned with setting the record straight on the grossly inaccurate portrait of Buju being painted by certain organizations and systematically relayed to the masses and the media.

Buju Banton was all of 15-years-old when he wrote “Boom Bye Bye” in response to a widely publicized man/boy rape case in Jamaica. It was not a call to violence. The song was re-released on a popular dancehall rhythm in 1992 and caused a huge uproar after receiving commercial radio play in the States. Following much public debate back then, prominent gay rights leaders - and Buju decidedly moved on. For the record, it is the only song he ever made on the subject - and he does not perform it today.

Those who have followed Buju Banton’s musical journey and have actually listened to his extensive catalog, know of his development into a world-class singer, songwriter and performer who can quietly sell out such prestigious venues as the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York and Brixton Academy in London. He does not advocate violence. There has never been a shred of violence at any of his live shows. In fact, he commonly preaches against violence - against all people.

Buju’s consistently positive messages of peace, love and enlightenment have never been lost in the music. His 1995 Grammy-nominated album ‘Til Shiloh marked a spiritual and musical transformation that yielded the classic narratives “Untold Stories,” “Wanna Be Loved” and “Murderer,” which personified the horrific increase in gun crimes in Kingston’s inner city. His Grammy-nominated Inna Heights (1997) garnered him numerous comparisons to the late, great Bob Marley.

Long before Hollywood raised its collective consciousness about Darfur, there was Buju Banton wailing about the genocide happening in “Sudan” on 1999’s Unchained Spirit. His Friends For Life (2003) and Too Bad (2006) projects were both acknowledged with Grammy nods for Best Reggae Album. Buju’s latest Roots Reggae opus, Rasta Got Soul (2009), has already been welcomed with critical acclaim in the US, Europe and Japan.

The artist’s love for humanity is not just demonstrated in words but also in deeds. Twelve years ago he responded to the AIDS crisis in Jamaica by launching Operation Willy, an organization focused on raising monies for HIV positive babies and children who lost their parents to the disease. For three years he served as a celebrity spokesperson for Upliftment Jamaica, a US-based non-profit committed to working with underprivileged youth back home.

Yet none of these personal and professional accomplishments matter much to a gay lobby hell bent on destroying the livelihood of a man who has spent an entire career making amends — his way. Sadly, their 17 year fixation on waging war against one artist has prevented them from turning this initiative into a larger, more fruitful discussion that could perhaps effect real change.

Source - Gargamel Music

United States of America vs. Duddus

Now i don't find this to be entertainment of any sort, however we are just as interested in how this will play out.

Click this link provided by Afflicted Yard to read the indictment.

RIP Steely

The reggae music fraternity across the globe is mourning the loss of pioneering dancehall producer/musician Wycleffe 'Steely' Johnson, one half of the famous duo, Steely and Clevie. Steely, who was in critical condition at a New York hospital, died on Monday morning.

Doctors say he was suffering from pneumonia after having recovered from kidney complications in December last year. Long recognised as a trailblazer in the dancehall genre, Steely was well loved among his peers and proved an enduring influence on the lives of the many artistes with whom he came in contact. Such was his impact that one selector, Dwayne McKay, who was born and raised in Brooklyn and is of Trinidadian and Jamaican parentage, took on the moniker 'Steelie Bashment' after his idol Steely, who himself was a sound system selector on his popular Silver Hawk sound.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sean Paul Debuts at # 1

Sean Paul might be in Switzerland, but that won't stop his fourth studio album, Imperial Blaze from continuing to blaze fire on the Billboard charts in the US. The album, his first in four years, has debuted at #1 on the Billboard Rap Album charts, toppling the likes of Eminem, Fabolous and Twista to top the charts.

Sean Paul is also sitting comfortably atop the Billboard Reggae Album Charts, ahead of a Bob Marley compilation, Ziggy Marley's Family Time, and VP Record's Reggae Gold.

This is his first time atop the rap album charts, and his second time on the Billboard Rap Album charts overall as his third studio album, The Trinity, peaked at #3 on the rap charts in 2005. It is also the first time a Jamaican artiste is topping that chart.

Imperial Blaze is heading for international success, debuting it debuted at #1 when it was released in the dancehall-hungry Asian nation of Japan last week, selling upwards of 50,000 copies in its first week. He topped the Oricon Weekly International Album Sales chart, the first time he has done so, and is holding his own on the Billboard Canadian Albums, France Albums, and European Albums with positions #5, #8, and #20 respectively. It is has also been certified Gold in France.

Aside from those charts, Imperial Blaze is also #3 on the R&B/Hip Hop Album Charts, #12 on the Billboard 200, and #9 on the Digital Downloads charts.

The platinum-selling dancehall superstar, hailed by - the online outfit of the popular North American publication Essence Magazine - as the "dancehall king", is now celebrating his first time atop the competitive rap charts.

"Anytime a song or an album makes it on a chart I get excited, and now to be able to top the Billboard Top Rap Album charts is something that I'm especially excited about. Not because it's the Billboard charts, but because it's a dancehall album. It's made in Jamaica by Jamaicans. So I didn't top the Billboard Rap Album Charts, Jamaica did," said Sean Paul from Switzerland.

Source - Headline Entertainment

Blitz Tuesday Poised to be a 'Plush' Affair

Months after its latest move from The Office to Cuddy'z in New Kingston, ★Blitz Tuesdays★ is set to move again, this time to Plush, which is also in New Kingston.

Next Tuesday (September 8th) Plush will officially open its doors to ★BLITZ TUESDAYS★ [kingstons Hottest and most talked about Tuesday series].

Darren Virtue of Virtue Events, organizers of BLITZ TUESDAYS, told THE STAR, "We've been in demand from Plush to host it, so after the summer, we've decided to move. It's a better setting since Plush is an actual club while Cuddy'z is a restaurant."

large crowds

★BLITZ TUESDAYS★ started in May 2008 at the Office before moving a year later to Cuddy'z to accommodate the large crowds that attended.

Virtue said we started Blitz to create the perfect mix of people at one fun-filled event which you cant experience anywhere uptown in a safe environment "I really wanted to fill a void on the party scene and also to create an in-the-week series. The vibe since the start has always been good. The Office had a capacity of 500 people and we were basically crowded throughout the summer," he explained.

At the time, ★BLITZ TUESDAYS★ used to feature Coppershot as the resident deejays as well as frequent guest appearances from the likes of Tony Matterhorn, Foota Hype, Razz and Biggy, Fire linx, and majority of the hot selectors in the industry.

According to Virtue, the party series only continued to get better when it moved to Cuddy'z, as they had more patrons coming out on the 1 year Anniversary/Re-launch night in May than any previous night at The Office.

Virtue says he expects only better things at Plush as its a nightclub which provides a club atmosphere and seeing that Blitz Tuesdays has never been about the venue but the mad party vibes & experience this will definitely be a plus. Exclusive will be the resident deejay as well as ZJ Liquid as a special addition along with special guest selectors weekly.

Source - Jamaica Star

Outrageous in Red

Upscale Crowd Entertainment gathers the king of soca in Machel Montano and the soul of dancehall in Serani for their Labor Day blowout celebration on Sunday, September 6, 2009 at the famed Roseland Ballroom in Manhattan, New York. Joined by the exciting HD Family, Antigua's acclaimed soca band Red Hot Flames, and still more stars to be announced, the show sure fits its bill as OUTRAGEOUS IN RED.

Touted as "The King of Soca Appreciation Concert," honoring Machel Montano as the most prolific soca entertainer of our time, the live band event sets the stage to be the biggest and most outrageous Labor Day celebration in New York City.

"I'm grateful for this honor and look forward to celebrating with my fans," reveals soca king Machel Montano. "It's an honor to be able to take soca music outside of Trinidad and outside of the Caribbean to all parts of the world. It's a pleasure to come to my second home, New York, and perform for all my longtime fans and the new ones who will be coming out to the Roseland Ballroom this Sunday."

Dancehall star Serani also brings to the bill his Billboard fame and international hits "No Games" and "She Loves Me." A musician behind the scenes for years, the hit maker now stalks his rightful claim behind the mic to serenade fans come this Sunday in the Roseland Ballroom. The HD Family - Patrice Roberts, Farmer Nappy, Zan and Umi Marcano - has shared the international limelight with Machel Montano and stepped out as solo acts this year. They will join the Red Hot Flames in bringing the true flavors of carnival to New York's carnival celebrations this Labor Day weekend, all courtesy of Upscale Crowd.

Source - Rhona Fox Inc.