Thursday, May 28, 2009


Thursday, May 28, Kingston, Jamaica (A.I.M Inc.): For last year’s staging of the event, promoters of Appleton May daze, May-hem wanted to make crazy the new sexy and wanted the female patrons to come out dressed in the most crazy fashions and that they did. The success of last year’s staging of the event made 2009’s staging even that more successful.

Critics and party interests alike were a bit skeptical about the patron turnout for May-hem based on how the previous week (Bruk Out) ended with the police stepping in to lock the event down. Not only were the patrons out early but they were crazily colourful in keeping with the colour theme being stressed for the event series. This expression of crazy fashion was described by one media house as a “place filled with walking crayons” and the effect was just as colourful. Bringing to light that the party goers have embraced the vibe of Appleton May Daze and have chosen to enjoy it above and before all other events hosted on the same night. The promoters awarded the patron who was dressed in the most krazy outfit with a $20000 shopping spree.
As with previous nights the music was provided by the best of the industry, for May-hem, Zj Ice the resident dj was joined by Mr. Musique himself – Richie Ras and Static Outkasts who prove night after night why they have been named the new sensation for the summer. Appleton Jamaica Rum poured and flowed like ‘crazy’ all night as patrons enjoyed the 2-4-1 Appleton mixes special that Appleton May Daze has become known for.

May 29th with see Appleton May Daze 2009 coming to a close with Treasure Chest – The Gold Rush. The finale promises to bring the vibe that has encompassed Appleton May Daze thus far to a climatic high. The promotional team has been working feverishly since the beginning of the series on compiling the right elements together for the final night to send May Daze out with a BANG, and what a bang it is poised to be.
Treasure Chest will see the female patrons being given eye patches and the males will be given pouches with gold coins, ladies are being encouraged to use their ‘womanly ways’ to get as much of these coins as possible and the lady with the most coins at the end of the night will walk away with an extra $10000. The musical vibes will be brought by Zj Ice, Arif Cooper and Scientist (bringing the energy from Fresh Fridays) and Dj Narity. Jamaica’s favourite rum will continue to flow with the Appleton Mug madness and the Appleton May Daze Mixologist will be unleashing the featured mixed drink – Gold Member. Ladies who come out to party early will continue to enjoy free entry before 11pm and general admission remains at $600

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Wednesday, May 20, Kingston, Jamaica (A.I.M Inc.): Amidst a whirlwind of other events, over 1500 patrons chose Bruk Out, the 90’s Overload as the way to party on May 15th, proving for the third week running that Appleton May Daze is the best place to spend your Friday night during the month of May.

The event series is one for the ladies and they know, so much so, that by minutes to 12am, the venue was half way full. The ratio of women to men you ask, that was 8:1 and it lingered in that ratio for most of the earlier part of the night. Largely, the patrons came out supporting the colour theme which was black, - black leggings, sexy black dresses and other black outfits, a fest for the eyes of the male patrons in attendance and they were that much more of eye catch when they started to ‘Bruk out’ to the best in 90’s music.

The promoters assembled some of the best selectors to showcase the best of the 90’s and it was easy to deliver with the musical prowess of Zj Ice, Static Outkasts, Phil Dwag, Colin Hinds and Delano and Dj Blaze representing the Renaissance Sound system. Selections came from reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, disco, R & B and all the other genres that made the 90’s ever so memorable.

The Disco ball that hung high over the venue helped set that ‘throw back’ vibe that Bruk Out was all about, to top it off music videos from the 90’s were being displayed on the screen set up in the video. The featured mix drink was the ‘Della Move’ coined from a popular song from the early 90’s. The mix drink was just as infectious as the dance move and the ingredients ……..”We’ll take it to our grave” commented a member of the bar staff.

Set to create MAY-HEM

Appleton May Daze grows from strength to strength each week, this coming week; May 22nd will see the fourth event in the series – MAY-HEM. This is the krazy dress up party, were the patrons will be encouraged to come out crazily dressed and let krazy be the new sexy ……again. The patron who comes out with the most krazy outfit will enjoy a $20,000 shopping spree courtesy of Jade:Beatz Promotions. In keeping with the night’s theme the featured mix drink will be ‘Colour Me Krazy’ and patrons will be able to enjoy 2-4-1 Appleton Mixes all night. Music will be provided by Zj Ice, Richie Ras and Static Outkasts.

Appleton May Daze – Ultimate Fan

The Promoters of Appleton May Daze are looking for the ultimate fan for the 2009 event series. The ultimate fan is asked to check their favourite websites for pictures with them and their friends; pictures that display the vibe that encompasses each week of Appleton May Daze 2009. Start an album on their facebook page titled – “I LOVE APPLETON MAY DAZE”, post all the pictures from the websites and from their personal collection to this album, and then submit the link to the album to or for review.
The Appleton May Daze Ultimate Fan 2009 will win a gift basket from Appleton Jamaica Rum, A Gift Package from Coca Cola and also $10,000.00 cash and most importantly they will be named APPLETON MAY DAZE – ULTIMATE FAN 2009.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Monday, May 4, Kingston, Jamaica (A.I.M Inc.): Good Company and the Jade:Beatz Promotional group would like to thank the many patrons who turned out on May 1st to kick off Appleton May Daze with Redlight Fantasy. The first event was a success and it was owed mainly to those of you who chose to make Appleton May Daze the way to party on Friday.

Accents of Red created the backdrop for what was set to be a fun filled night. The ladies came out, dressed in red; shoes, belts, tops and even hair. By 12 am the ratio of men to women was an astounding 15:1 and the vibe was set to make Redlight Fantasy the best way to get the party series off and running.

Music was supplied by Static Outkasts, Zj Ice, Zj Johnny Kool and Code Red and was infectious to say the least, patrons found it easy to enjoy themselves with musical selections from an extensive list of genres coming as far back as the 90’s.

Redlight Fantasy merely scratched the surface of Appleton May Daze 2009, May 8th will see the next installment of the series with the oh so sexy Short Temper, the Blue Rage. Short Temper will see musical selections from Zj Ice, Zj Liquid, Static Outkasts and Dj Jigga. Now ladies if there was ever an event for made for you, Short Temper is it. Ladies in blue enter free before 11pm, come prepared to tease in short shorts and skirts and have a good time. 2-4-1 Appleton Mixes will be available all night, so come out and part take and be sure to sample the featured drink – Blue Movie.