Sunday, August 21, 2011

Razz & Biggy and Dexta Dapps are the Don Daddas

The track itself feels like a celebration, a celebration of good musical beats fused together into a spectacular rhythm, a celebration of artistic genius even.

Kingston, Jamaica, August 22, 2011:  Dancehall heavy-hitters Razz and Biggy, after playing music on the party scene and Dancehall Circuit for over 10 years, have sought to further expand their musical boundaries with several recent recordings. They have been featured on the smash cross-over hit “skip to my luu” with Serani and Ding Dong among others. They are now at it again with their latest recording of the DASECA produced track ‘Don Dadda’ with the label’s newest talent; Dexter Daps.

Razz & Biggy only recently added artiste to their multi-dimensional portfolio, while still pleasing audiences with their musical selections. So with one crowd favorite after another, the momentum is being continued with Don Dadda.
DASECA productions have been behind some of the biggest hits in dancehall/Reggae over the last decade. Their vibrant and energetic productions have allowed them to deliver cutting edge music that continues to find favor in the hearts and ears of enthusiasts the world over.

Dexta Daps is DASECA’s newest talent, with vocal strengths matched only by the industry’s elite; and being apart of one of the strongest camps in Jamaican Entertainment, he is poised for eminent success.

The infectious track – Don Dadda came about as a result of this combined effort. Since its release it has found favorable airplay on local and international radio stations, websites and among some of dancehall’s top selectors, including Coppershot’s Mathew Grey and Cutty who believe that “Don Dadda is one of the most promising songs coming out of the summer and going forward. The song has also gotten an enormous vote of confidence from former P.Diddy and Rihanna  d.j- Max Glazer of Federation Sound. Glazer thinks “It is one of the wickedest songs right now”.

The track itself feels like a celebration, a celebration of good musical beats fused together into a spectacular rhythm, a celebration of artistic genius even. The track starts with a slightly comical shout ‘We Find It!’ a symbolic utterance, to artistes and producers alike who must have the talent and an ear for potential hits to produce a  track such as the one that became Don Dadda, great fusion of energies from DASECA Productions, Razz & Biggy and Dexta Daps.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Patrons caught in a daze by the May Daze World Tour

The third leg of the tour is heading to Kingston, Jamaica for 90’s Rock. This will feature music and style of the nineties

 With two weeks passed and two destinations covered (Netherlands – Amsterdam and Brazil – Rio De Janerio), Appleton May daze – The World Tour is now in full swing, mid way through the event series. If the vibe and energy of the last weeks are any indication of the prospects of what’s to come, then patrons are in for quite a treat.

The second stop for the tour was Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the theme was centered around a very popular feature of Brazilian culture; ladies in short shorts and Bikini tops. With ladies being granted charge free entry before 11pm, it was no surprise that by 12am the event was in full swing with a sea of beautiful ladies most of whom stuck to the theme and added their own twist to the ever popular summer dress style.

The venue was filled with the May Daze Brazilian beauties all of whom were fitted with Brazilian type carnival costumes which found them being drafted for picture after picture with the patrons.

For many the night started when Dj Narity took control of the turn tables and almost strategically made selections which got the patrons pumped and energized with each subsequent selection. Zj Chrome and Zj Ice had a tag team session which was met with consistent cheering by the patrons in attendance. This ‘joining of forces’ between two of Jamaica’s popular and favourite Disc Jockeys was a mere example of the vibrant/free styled nature of Appleton May Daze and its moments like these which make the event series always memorable. Arif Cooper and Scientist closed the night and showed why they are amongst the well respected selecting duos out of Jamaica.

May 20th will see the third leg of the tour heading to Kingston, Jamaica for 90’s Rock. This will feature music and style of the nineties, a period of music culture which ardent fans have held on as being the most influential with some of the post popular sounds of our generation. Almost at the flicker of a thought names like Shabba Ranks, Supar Cat, Biggy Smalls, Sleng Teng Riddim, L.A Gear readily comes to mind.

Good Company have conceptualized an event for the series which they believe merely build on the already beloved nineties vibe. This week will see selections from Resident Dj – Zj Ice, Phil Dwag, Kurt Riley and Zj Solar Dre. With a musical lineup which features disc jockeys that have proved their skill in the area of 90’s music over and over, it is clear that the music will be speaking to the minds and feet of the patrons that come out for this one.

Jamaica’s favourite rum - Appleton will continue to pour, more so this week with their signature Appleton Mug Madness which will allow patrons to have unlimited Appleton mixes all night for a small cost effective price. To top off the night’s offering will be the AMD retro surprise, which will feature a memorable element of the 90’s which the promoters will be incorporating into the night’s happenings

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Razz & Biggy are currently igniting audiences across the US and Canada on the extensive ‘Skip to ma Luu’ tour

Dancehall’s Dynamic Selecting Duo – Razz & Biggy are currently igniting audiences across the US and Canada on their extensive ‘Skip to ma Luu’ tour along with Artistes like Serani, Ding Dong and Bugle the tour started on March 18th and runs until May 7th.

The tour has the set of Dancehall trailblazers energizing venues across Washington, Ontario, LA, Florida, and Chicago amongst others with what has proved to be a slate of unforgettable performances and shows.

After the release of the song of the same name (Skip to Ma Lou) in 2009 locally, its infectious and energetic implied dance moves soon found its way to main stream radio stations internationally and not only became a hit but also a crowd favourite. It is this same vibrant energy that the promoters are promising will be evident on each leg of this tour.
This blend of elements from dancehall is undeniably a great combination and one that will ignite the various audiences which they will be performing for.

Razz & Biggy have built a solid name for themselves over the past 10 years that they have been selectors, thrilling audiences locally and internationally. Over the years they we have witnessed the duo evolving into a well respected force in dancehall, releasing unforgettable mixtapes, delivering pulsating performances, writing and producing a song and even bearing their ‘First Born Riddim’ in 2010.

 Serani has had phenomenal success over the last three years, including a good measure of crossover success with his hits No Games, She Loves Me and Skip to My Luu, as well as a slew of Dancehall smashes such as Study People, Stinkin Rich and Mama Still hungry. Touring the US, Canada, Europe, Caribbean and UK, Serani has built a solid fan base with his exciting live set that has already ensured him longevity in the game.

Ding Dong first found fame as a dancer but has had major impact with hit songs Badman Forward, Skip to My Luu and smash hit Holiday. Ding Dong is known as one of the best dancers ever to come out of Jamaica, having been responsible for the invention of many signature moves that have caught fire across dance-floors worldwide. His live performance is a hot mix of music and movement and fans can expect nothing but energy from Ding Dong on this tour.

 Bugle has built a reputation as one of Dancehall's top flight lyricists, with a catalogue of conscious and hard-hitting tracks, such as Journey, What Have I Done To You, Hypocrite Friend and Doh, since bursting onto the scene under the guidance of DASECA Productions. His powerful delivery and stagecraft will provide the perfect edge to Serani and Ding Dong's larger-than-life sets.

 The tour continues to deliver on the promise to execute energy packed performances and memorable stints throughout and patrons will be speaking about it for months to come.

While North America enjoys the selections from Biggy, Jamaica will continue to be dazed by the other half of the duo – Razz, as he will be representing the duo locally for a barrage of shows across the island. The Easter Weekend in Jamaica is hailed by party goers as one of the high points of the party calendar. Razz & Biggy have already been confirmed for many of the ‘must attend’ shows of the weekend.

Dancehall supporters the world over have found favour with the Razz & Biggy not only by their live performances around the turn tables but also from the mixtapes that they compile, this has become evident by the thousands of hits that their website ( ) has received since it was published to the web with download links to the Duo’s various mixtapes, but don’t just take our word for it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


…the Riddim sees the production powerhouse using the melodic sounds of an acoustic Guitar infused into the main stem…

Few production houses have the street credibility to be able to create a storm of a production at a whim, DASECA Productions being one of the few spent weeks in the studio mastering an effort, appropriately titled the Category 5 Riddim.

Set for official release on March 15, 2011 via popular Digital outlets like Amazon and iTunes, the Riddim sees the production powerhouse using the melodic sounds of an acoustic Guitar, infused into the main stem of this Riddim to create a sound that no one can dispute is easy on the ears.

To date DASECA has enlisted the vocal talents of Dancehall A-Listers like Serani, Mavado, I-Octane and Bugle, joining them are the sounds of upcoming sensation Kibaki and the new talent out of the DASECA camp – Dexta Daps.

Approximately this time last year they were frowned upon for releasing their ‘Genesis’ Project in a similar fashion, the Riddim was released straight to digital outlets. Critics considered this method not to be effective, however the group of talented producers proved their critics wrong when soon after its release, the Genesis was the talk on the lips of Dancehall enthusiasts worldwide and not much later became a hit on the party scene and radio stations the world over.

To help propel the success of the Category 5 Riddim, the production trio have teamed up with the Dynamic Duo – Razz & Biggy to compile a three minute sample of the tracks already recorded, this sample which was only made available 24 hours prior to this release has already garnered hundreds of plays via Sound Cloud and already has made its way to social playgrounds like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Another hit?? …… It wouldn’t be a surprise.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Dancehall interviews starts quite like us just turning on our radios, trying desperately to find the station that has something interesting to suite our ears

Wednesday, February 23, Kingston, Jamaica (A.I.M Inc): Razz & Biggy have come out blazing for 2011 with their first mixtape ‘Dancehall Interviews’, not only is it a hard hitting compilation of some of the hottest dancehall tracks and Riddims but also takes a jab at some of the controversial issues that have been ringing through the dancehall arena. The duo has over the years found themselves constantly finding creative ways to present their mixtapes and with this installment have continued on that path and in doing so provided in excess of 80 tracks of great entertainment value.

As the title suggests the mixtapes addresses a string of interviews that have taken place on local and international television and radio, from MTV to ER on TVJ to the well supported Raggashanti radio show. We hear the voices of Bounti Killer, Beenie Man, Aidonia and Vybz Kartel, last of which these interviews seemed to always be about.

Though highly controversial in nature, the dynamic Duo has found the perfect blend of lyrical bombs to complement the words echoed by the affiliated parties.

Dancehall interviews starts quite like us just turning on our radios, trying desperately to find the station that has something interesting to suite our ears, finally settling to the interview with Marvin Sparks of MTV Wrap Up and breaks into Aidonia’s comments about the interview, summing up to an ultimatum to Vybz Kartel, an ultimatum that he has refused to respond to.

The next snippet hears audio from Bounti Killer echoing his disgust in the idea of Vybz Kartel not respecting the elders of the business saying “you cyah wah style Bounti Killer and Beenie Man weh a rock this place fi almost twenty years” and flows into Beenie Man’s comments, which could be viewed as praises, Beenie Man expressed his view that Kartel should embrace the fact that persons are mirroring his style as this is a show of respect, in the Doctor’s words “It
means you are doing something good”. Bridging the gap Razz & Biggy used the song done by Beenie Man and Chevaughn, titled Help dem, a somewhat comical view as portrayed by the doctor.

Razz & Biggy carefully introduced a ‘lighter’ side to the mixtape with comments about cake soap. An issue which has found itself on the desks of local ministries, the lips of entertainers, mentioned on international websites and made the front page of local news papers just to mention a few.

The mixtape comes together with a fluent blend of these interviews, topical issues and commentary like songs. We see great efforts from dancehall heavy hitters and upcoming acts like Chan Dizzy, Khago, Liquid, T-Nez and Dexter Daps, it culminates with the Daseca’s latest Riddim ‘Dancehall Again.

Kudos to Razz & Biggy for creating another mixtape which isn’t like any other mixtape, our ears appreciate it. The same vibe and energy they’ll be bringing to audiences the world over through out this year, next few stops will see them rolling through ‘Wah Gwan Wednesdays in Flatbush on February 23rd, Representing ‘Bem Beh on the block’ at Hut Social Club in Newark, New Jersey on February 24th, then its off to the Eclipse Bar and Lounge in Rochester, New York.