Monday, May 7, 2012

Appleton May Daze delivers Fun, Frolic & Fantasy with ‘Forbidden Fantasy

Hundreds enjoyed the first step of the Fantasy Journey

Appleton Jamaica Rum and the team from Good Company are echoing sentiments of satisfaction following the opening night for their event series; Appleton May Daze – the remix. The series started last week Friday at a new venue – Home Sweet Home at 15 West Kings House Road in Kingston. Though many were concerned about the change of venue, the change proved to be a satisfying treat for the patrons, promoters, sponsors and affiliates. “The venue at Home Sweet Home gave us the right amount of room for our patrons to feel comfortable and at the same time get the personal friendly vibe that we aim to keep consistent each year” commented an elated promoter – Stephen Willie.

Hundreds of patrons came out to enjoy what was the first step on the fantasy journey which is Appleton May Daze. Females flocked the gates from as early as 10pm ensuring that they made the most of their charge free entry before 11pm. Most patrons were very pleased with the layout of the venue, the over 40 Feet of bar space made the access a hassle free one. The lighting and light shows were nothing short of ‘phenomenal’ a guarantee that the providers – Phenomenal Lightening promised and aptly delivered. The sound that filtered through the venue was crystal clear and high on quality; the system featured three towers provided by the masters from Technotics. Technotics boasts some of the most hi-tech features in the sound system business today, not only is the master controller able to wirelessly control the entire system from anywhere in the venue, each tower came with its own flat screen which was a delightful distraction that a lot of the patrons enjoyed.

Appleton Jamaica Rum and Kirov Vodka mixes were the order of the evening and flowed from the bar as the 2-4-1 mix drink offering was a hit with the patrons. The team from Bar Solutions ensured that the mixes and cocktails were all of a premium blend, which satisfied even those with discerning tastes.  Most of these blends where chased with Pure Heaven juices and the energy drink – Roaring Lion, both of which tantalized the taste buds of the drinkers.

Zj Johnny Khool and Zj Ice played a tag team of hit musical selections all night to great response from those in attendance. The venue again proved an appropriate playground for those willing enough to take their dancing skills to either the hard surface or the lush grass. It was no surprise that the Rough Rider team were a hit, some of the dance moves where very sexually motivated and hinted what the night had in store for some. It was of great comfort that persons were undertaking the responsibility to secure safe sexual practices with packs of Rough Rider condoms.

If the lead event was anything to go by, then the Appleton May Daze – the remix will be quite an experience for the next four Fridays; next stop is ‘Short Temper’, the ladies are already choosing sides #TeamShortShorts and #TeamShortSkirts.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Appleton May Daze – the remix set to bring fantasies to life on West Kings House Road

Jamaica’s premiere pre-summer party series starts this Friday

The vibe and energy of a Mardi Gras experience will be unleashed this Friday at 15 West Kings House Road as Appleton Jamaica Rum and the promotional team from Good Company prepare to host the first event for Jamaica’s premiere pre-summer party series – Appleton May Daze under the theme ‘the remix’.

Masks and Beads will be the toys of choice as the patrons come out to enjoy what will be a ‘Forbidden Fantasy’. Patrons are being encouraged to forget the status quo and embrace the May Daze way of life; where we have fun, while we frolic and watch our fantasies unfold. May 4th is the one night that being naughty will be embraced as nothing short of nice. “The idea is to give the male patrons a fair amount of beads upon entry and throughout the course of the event, the females will be given masks” expressed an ecstatic Dwayne Harris (promoter); he went on to say “The game plan is simple, the lady who ends up with the most beads at the end of the night will get a Fantasy prize package courtesy of our sponsors”. The beauty about the experience is that because the ladies identities are being hidden they are being encouraged to work that female magic, no holds barred at getting the beads. “The experience promises to be fun filled and very flirtatious, a fitting way to end a busy week” commented fellow promoter – Stephen Willie.

Two of Jamaica’s coolest selectors in the form of Zj Johnny Kool and Resident DJ – Zj Ice will be on the wheels of steel providing the perfect backdrop for what will set the pace for the rest of the event series.

Appleton’s alignment with the May Daze brand will ensure that patrons will be able to enjoy Appleton Mixed Drinks in abundance with the signature 2-4-1 offering amongst other specialty mixes.

Keeping quality entertainment affordable is a prime focus of the team from Good Company, to this end they have managed to keep both drink prices and entry at a fair minimum with General entry being only $800 with the added incentive of ladies being able to enter FREE before 11pm, everyone can come out and enjoy the series.

With a cozy new venue at 15 West Kings House Road (across from Truck Stop), exciting themes, quality entertainment packages, affordable pricing, hands down Appleton May Daze is the best way to spend the next five Friday nights