Sunday, November 29, 2009

Etana Invades the UK

Top Reggae songstress Etana invaded the United Kingdom last week to promote three hot singles from her yet to be titled sophomore release: "August Town," "Free" and "Happy Heart." On her highly anticipated visit, Etana was warmly greeted by fans and leading radio personalities. Just 24 hours after shooting the video for "Free" in Jamaica, Etana landed in UK and jump started an intense radio blitz. Etana's first interview was with none other than the legendary David Rodigan at London's famed Kiss FM, followed by an interview with BBC Radio 4. Etana was provided with the unique opportunity of reaching a very wide audience with her interview on BBC Radio 4, a mostly news-formatted (non-music) station that is considered BBC Radio's flagship. The station was extremely interested in interviewing Etana because of her crossover appeal.

The soulful crooner also had a slew of memorable in-studio interviews with top radio jocks like Robo Ranx and Silver Star of BBC Radio 1xtra and Daddy Ernie of Choice FM. As Etana traveled from town to town, each area claimed a different Etana song that they loved. In addition to commercial radio stations, Etana visited and interviewed with over 20 pirate stations through out the UK. The demand to interview Etana was great, which ensured her UK experience was fully loaded. Much to Etana's credit, fans inundated the airwaves for a chance to talk with her.

"The DJs were so surprised to see me hand delivering my new music," says Etana. "Most of them thought that we were here for a one believed that we were promoting new singles without having a show."

"The Strong One's" latest singles perfectly display three distinct moods of her musical talent. "Happy Heart" is a gem of a love song and "Free" is an inspirational track, bursting with emotion. Meanwhile, on the other side of the spectrum, "August Town" addresses social issues surrounding Garrison communities. All three tracks are hard hitting and have been embraced in the UK. "We decided to push these three singles because Etana's next album will boast diversity," says Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin. "It will feature the best in Roots, Rock, Reggae and Dubwise. And an array of other music genre will be explored."

Irish and Chin, Etana's management team, has set up a very intense promotional tour to further push Etana's new singles. Promotional efforts include videos for each single and heavy radio, tv and print media blitzes in key Reggae markets. Etana's next stop will be in St. Vincent and surrounding islands, followed by a U.S. run.

Etana's groundbreaking debut Strong One (VP Records) was heralded by critics and fans alike, receiving several noteworthy accolades and awards. Based on the vibes from the latest music, there is no doubt that Etana's follow up effort will elevate her fresh brand of soul Reggae even higher.

Source - Irish and Chin

Friday, November 27, 2009


Jamaicans have been glued to their television screens since the d├ębut of Digicel Deal or No Deal on TVJ, now fans of the show have their chance of winning big from the comfort of their living rooms. Each week persons can text in to win prizes in the Be A Contestant promotion.

Winning is easy all you have to do in text in the answer to the question: How would you SPEND $1,000,000? To 444-2430 in one hundred and sixty characters or less cost per text is only 25 dollars.

One lucky texter will be chosen by a panel under the supervision of the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission and that person while walking away with 50,000 dollars will also get the chance of appearing on the next season of Digicel Deal or No Deal for an opportunity of winning up to one million dollars. Every Wednesday a new winner will be selected and persons are encouraged to text in as often as they like to increase their chances of winning. Winners will be notified by text that they have won big.

This promotion will be played throughout the entire duration of this season of Digicel Deal or No Deal and is an exciting way for Digicel Deal or No Deal’s viewers to be a part of the game and get a chance at getting their own deal.

Digicel Deal or No Deal which premiered on Wednesday September 23, 2009 is produced locally by NewCom The show is seen in over 100 countries worldwide and is a product of Endemol. Each week, the show sees contestants eliminating 25 cases containing cash, ranging from $1 to as much as $1 million after selecting a case of their own. The game ends when the contestant is left with the cash in their case or has decided to accept an offer from the show’s banker.

Repeats can be seen on Thursdays at 11:30 p.m. and Mondays at 12:00 pm.

Source - Alykhat

Thursday, November 26, 2009

RHYTHM & BOOZE: The Red City

“The perfect start to an eventful Christmas,” those are the words being used to describe this Christmas’s staging of Rhythm & Booze. The calendar favourite once again rolls out the red carpet for its loyal patrons and curious first timers as they attempt to paint the town red that night with Rhythm & Booze: The Red City. It is all set to go down at the lawns of the liguanea club on December 12th 2009.

Often considered the kick off party for Christmas time, the very popular party series returns back to its original date of the second Saturday in December , after obliging title sponsor Appleton Jamaica Rum to hosts its own party Appleton City on that date with R&B going on xmas day last year. The decision to return back to its original date was made so as to allow other new events to come and experiment and find a footing in the very competitive season.

This years staging allows the promoters to cap a very successful year as a successful party brand itself and also to say thanks in a big way to the supporters who have followed their events and are appreciative of the dedication, hard work they put in and the creative approach they take in trying to set their product apart and keep patrons entertained.

Coming off the strength of a successful ATI series the Promoters at Mainsource Media have put together a very unique package and an unparalleled lineup of disk jocks and sounds. This is in keeping with their tradition to always be different from each party by introducing a new sound at every event and having a varied line up that you normally wont find at most of the current events.

This years line up includes; The event Favorites Code Red, Hot new upstart DJ Karyzma, Irie Fm’s DJ SMURF, and for the very first time ZIP FM’S own Popular ZIP JOCK, ZJ LIQUID and introducing INFRAZONE and Dj CHARM from the PURE PLUSH Saturdays.

Other Features are the Rough Rider VIP Lounge and Multimedia Room, The ever present Food inclusive food court, Eon & Robby body designs and the expected Multi bar setup providing endless amounts of premium drinks and juices.

Source - Mainsource Media

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bob Marley - Richest Dead Celebrity

Is reggae superstar Bob Marley bigger than Jesus? That's debatable, but the music legend who died 28 years ago is about to challenge Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson for the title of richest dead celebrity.

Toronto-based private-equity firm Hilco Consumer Capital has struck a management deal with the Marley estate, which is expected to generate worldwide annual sales in excess of $1 billion by 2012. That seems like a huge number, but by some estimates the Marley name, sound, and image already generate as much as $600 million in pirated merchandise. "Marley is a strong global brand," says Mickey Goodman, a professional marketer and professor at New York University's Stern School of Business. "He enjoys a high level of awareness, and people feel positive about his music."

Major licensing agreements for the Marley brand are about to be launched in two key areas: consumer electronics -- including headphones, docking stations, and speakers -- and health care, which will likely feature skin-care products and herbal supplements. Also in the works, according to Hilco, are deals for a Marley-branded calming beverage, a video game similar to Guitar Hero featuring Marley's songs, and a chain of restaurants celebrating the music superstar. Could this be commercial overkill for the Rastafarian whose spiritual songs about social injustice, hope, and redemption have become anthems for billions of fans, from Marrakech to Tokyo, and will it alienate them?

"This is not just about money," says Jamie Salter, Hilco's chief executive. "We have to believe in the people and products we partner with." Salter adds that the Marley estate will have final say on all business ventures, and that charities will figure into the overall mix of Marley branding. Licensing of dead celebrities is an industry that has exploded in the last decade, thanks in large part to the proliferation of websites and blogs devoted to their memory. Typically, an estate receives 10% to 15% of gross proceeds from a licensing deal, which in this case will be divided between Hilco and the Marley family.

The artist who created such reggae hits as "One Love," "No Woman, No Cry," and "I Shot the Sheriff" fathered a total of 13 children, some out of wedlock, and it's not clear how many are included in the estate. Salter declined to explain how proceeds will be divided between his management company -- which also has an equity stake in a number of high-profile brands, including Polaroid, Sharper Image, and fashion label Halston -- and the Marleys. However, at a conservative 10%, licensing fees from $1 billion in annual sales should pull in about $100 million for Hilco and the Marleys. That tops the latest figures reported for Presley ($55 million), John Lennon ($15 million), and Jimi Hendrix ($8 million).

Michael Jackson -- who is worth more dead than alive with an estimated $90 million in earnings in the last 12 months -- appears to be Marley's nearest rival for the richest-dead-celebrity crown. However, much of Jackson's reversal of fortune is due to a sharp spike in the sales of his albums and merchandise in the weeks following his death, as well as the one-time success of "This Is It," a film documenting rehearsals for shows he never performed at London's O2 arena. But the danger of operating the Marley marketing machine in overdrive is that it could irreparably harm the natural mystic's image. Some brand experts now view Elvis as more of a caricature than icon as a result of overexposure.
For Sanjay Sood, director of the Entertainment & Media Management Institute at UCLA, there's one question to ask: If Marley were alive today, would he want his name associated with a particular product? "A lot of artists would say 'no,'" says Sood. "Otherwise, they would have done it when they were alive."

Presley's estate, which is managed by New York-based CKX, launched a line of clothing that turned out to be a bust. (CKX also controls the Muhammad Ali brand and has an equity stake in the company that produces the "American Idol" television show.)
More recently, Lennon's widow Yoko Ono has licensed her husband's song "Real Love" to be used by JC Penny in television ads, and she's given Ben & Jerry's ice cream permission to release a Lennon-inspired flavor called "Imagine Whirled Peace."

Salter of Hilco says the Marley brand has a long way to go before reaching saturation, noting he also considered doing business with the Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe, and Jimi Hendrix estates, but settled on the Rastafarian from Trench Town, Jamaica, because that's where he says he saw the biggest potential.

There has never been a better time, it seems, to be a dead celebrity -- or perhaps, more precisely, the heir to a dead celebrity's name.

Source - CNN

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Despite reports that Dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel has rejected rival deejay Mavado's olive branch by turning down his birthday party invitation, Kartel maintains that he is willing to put aside differences with his arch-musical-rival to call for an end to violence associated with the Gaza/Gully feud, particularly among high school students.

Both artists have been slammed by the local media, as reports of increasing violence at local schools between fans of the Portmore, or 'Gaza,' Empire led by Vybz Kartel and the Gully Squad led by Mavado continue to flood the news, causing even the government to be concerned about mounting social tensions stemming from the feud between the two entertainers.

On Friday, the Jamaica Star newspaper reported that Mavado was calling for an end to the Gaza/Gully war by inviting Vybz Kartel to attend his birthday party at Temple Hall on December 5th. The paper stated that Mavado's management said they wanted to publicly invite Kartel to make peace once and for all, as a show of unity to the nation.

"I will not be able to attend (Mavado's event) due to previously planned engagements," states Adidja 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer invitation, citing commitments to Usain Bolt's 9.58 SuperParty and an event in Linstead on the same night. "What I think is the best way to solidify in the minds of the children that this Gaza/Gully feud is merely music, is not to accommodate a historic 'burning of the peace pipe' at a commercial, adult oriented event, but rather in the high schools where bouts of violence due to our feuding are most prominent," states Kartel "When a date for that is set, I will readily appear."

Vybz Kartel has repeatedly spoken out against violence within the island's schools, condemning the sale of 'Gaza buttons' and other paraphernalia depicting violent images of the feud in Corporate Area Schools earlier this month. This year, Vybz Kartel has released the singles "Teenage Pregnancy" with Portmore Empire artist Gaza Kim, and the "Schooler's Anthem" with Gaza Kim and fellow Empire artist Jah Vinci, bringing awareness to social issues affecting teens and encouraging them to stay in school.

Source - Ms. Raine Inc.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

JAMAICA Jazz and Blues goes on Band Quest

Through its Art of Music Campaign, the JAMAICA Jazz and Blues Festival has given a platform and space for young talent to perform at the world renowned Festival on it’s now famous ‘Talent Stage’. A chance to perform on the stage is a dream come true for many, and it’s nothing to take lightly… what with popular musicians such as Tessanne Chin and Rootz Underground getting the kickstart to their lucrative careers from performances on that stage and all.

But for 2010, Festival organizers are certainly kicking it up a notch, with the introduction of the JAMAICA Jazz and Blues Band Quest competition.

“It was the next logical step for us and developing our Art of Music idea,” says Walter Elmore, head of TurnKey Productions who are the producers of the JAMAICA Jazz and Blues Festival.

Now, persons all over the world will have a chance to showcase their talent at the Festival, thanks to the new internet-based competition. Talented amateurs wishing to enter will have to visit the Festival’s savvy website (, and become a member of the JJ&B Fan Zone. With that membership, persons will be able to upload their music and performance clips.

According to Marcia McDonnough, marketing manager for the JAMAICA Jazz and Blues Festival, “there are a plethora of activities that persons can do in the JJ&B Fan Zone to get points, and the Band Quest entrants might very well attract new fans, who have the power to vote for them and that also brings entrants closer to performing on the JAMAICA Jazz and Blues Stage.

She continued that the entrants with the highest number of points will be invited to audition live in one of three cities in the USA —New York, Ft Lauderdale, and Atlanta— as well as in Jamaica, and that entries open on Sunday November 8. These sessions will be adjudicated by a selection of qualified persons, selected by the Festival.

But if you can’t make it to one of the live auditions, then don’t fret, as persons who fit this bill will be entered into a second online competition, from which one act will be chosen to perform at the Festival based on their point acquisition and voting.

McDonnough said that the auditions of all the winning entrants will be recorded and subsequently uploaded to the Festival website, and the winners will be added to the Festival line-up. Interviews from the judges and the winning entrants will also be uploaded to the website, which she says “will give the public a chance to get to know the acts before their performance at the Festival”.

But in the end, there can only be one winner. The bands that make it to the Festival stage will be put through the ultimate test… the judgment of a Jamaican audience.

Patrons of the JAMAICA Jazz and Blues Festival will be given numbers to text and indicate who their favourite act is, and their performances at the Festival will be uploaded to the Festival website for another internet vote. The band with the most points at the end of the voting period will be champion of the 2010 JAMAICA Jazz and Blues Band Quest, and will take home a flurry of prizes including a guaranteed booking to perform on the main stage at the JAMAICA Jazz and Blues Festival in 2011.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Massive Dancehall, Theater Hit in New York

Irish and Chin's formula of dancehall and theater proved to be an enormous hit a second time around, as their recent staging of "Like Father Like Son" was a sold-out affair, which attracted revelers of all ages. Because of a strong street team and endorsement of IrieJam Radio, the play's presence was felt through out New York.

The massive turned out in droves to take in "Like Father Like Son." All in attendance soaked in the dancehall vibes of DJ Roy as they prepared themselves for the play's belly-busting laughter. From old to new selections, DJ Roy killed the crowd and gave them their money's worth. As tons of people poured into York College's auditorium in Queens, you could feel the excitement in the air. Given the recent state of the economy and stress in the nation, everyone was seeking wholesome, incident-free entertainment. And their craving was more-than fulfilled. So, at the end of the night, smiles embellished the faces of attendees.

To make the night complete, the cast of "Like Father Like Son" exceeded expectations, causing the audience to erupt in wall-to-wall laughter. Staging this play was definitely somewhat of a risk for promoters Irish and Chin, as it was not a huge hit in Jamaica first. Actually, "Like Father Like Son" was an older play, which preceded "Bashment Granny." To conquer this challenge, Irish and Chin capitalized on the "Bashment Granny" element.

"We had to approach the promotions of this play differently," says the play's promoter Garfield "Chin" Bourne. "Because the cast was much more famous then the play itself, we took advantage of that factor and promoted the play featuring a star-studded cast."

The play's all-star cast included the immensely popular Keith "Shebada" Ramsay, Maxwell "Maama Man" Grant, Gardfield "Badboy Trevor" Reid, Deon Silvera, Abigail "Babalita" Grant, Stede "Jooky Jam" Flash, Dainty "Angel" Bellafonte, Shemane Wisdom and Felisha Lord.

Irish and Chin boasted the largest staging of "Like Father Like Son" in the tri-state area. Their fusion of dancehall and theater was well received. Because other genre of music have merged with theater, Caribbean music shouldn't be any different. The promoters were criticized by hardcore fans for staging plays, particularly because of their extensive efforts dedicated to sound clash entertainment over the years. Clearly, this endeavor expanded Irish and Chin's audience. Namely, it captured a female fan base that was missing while staging clashes.

According to Garfield "Chin" Bourne, "Our music is not what it used to be -- it has become too dark and angry." "With all that we're facing in today's world, laughter is a necessity... I will always love sound clashing, but a balance is needed," the promoter added.

One can look forward to Irish and Chin being involved in many diverse events in the future. The company has tackled producing worldwide events, artist and sound system management, and now staging plays.

Source - Irish and Chin