Friday, September 18, 2009

Romain Virgo touching Caribbean Charts

Romain Virgo has claimed stardom as his birthright and continues to shine with consistent dominance of charts across the Caribbean through his soulful reggae ballads. With hardcore dancehall remaining the most sought after genre for many young Jamaican musicians, this powerful vocalist continues to display maturity and dexterity in the varied musical package he creates for fans.

Loved by listeners young and old, and inspired by reggae greats, Virgo released the hugely popular tune This Love in 2007. The next year, the talented singer and songwriter released singles such as Cyaan Sleep; Time Tuff (a cover of Toots and the Maytals original); Love Doctor and I Wanna Go Home. This year he continued with the release of Alton Ellis medley, Who Feels It Knows It and Murder, a song which focuses on the troubling issue of crimes being committed against our children.

As testament to Romain's dynamism, these releases have charted locally and internationally. Cyaan Sleep grabbed the number 1 spot on the RETV Charts. Recently the single moved to the number 2 spot on Suriname's 96.3FM Radio SRS's charts and made the US Virgin Island's chart; I Wanna Go Home made Hot 102's Top Reggae Singles for 2008 and went to 11 on St. Croix, US Virgin Island's Charts while Cyaan Sleep shot to number 1 where it stayed for two weeks on the St. Croix, US Virgin Island’s Charts. I Wanna Go Home had great success in the UK where it went to 7 on their New Style Radio chart. The song's video made it to 4 on the Video Alley Reggae Top Ten Chart.

His youth has not prevented him from displaying a high level of social consciousness which is reflected in the song Murderer. Now 19 years old, Romain wrote this song in response to the high rate of brutal crimes being committed against our children. Romain is particularly disturbed at the horrifying aspects of the local crimes committed against the youth.

"Crime against children is a concern not only in Jamaica, however since the start of the year crimes against children have increased dramatically in Jamaica. It is sickening to hear the things done to our children and as an artiste, I have something to say about it and if I can change at least one person, with my music then that's an accomplishment for me because the children are our future, and without them, the future of our country is uncertain," the young songwriter says. "I am trying to reach out to the murderers, but not only the murderers but those who rape and molest children," he continued.

Romain is happy that this recently released single is getting good airplay from most local stations as he believes this will help to get the message across to those who are abusing children. Due to its popularity, he believes the song will make the local charts soon. Plans are under way for the imminent production of the video for the single to help cement the message and complement the airplay.

The young songwriter is currently pursuing a Diploma in Music Performance at the Edna Manley School for the Visual and Performing Arts with a major in voice and a minor in keyboard. After this he will move on to the bachelor's degree

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