Saturday, November 13, 2010


Dancehall’s Dynamic duo – Razz & Biggy will be joining one of dancehall’s most enigmatic characters – Tony Matterhorn on a Canadian tour which will see them thrilling audiences in Canada from coast to coast

(A.I.M Inc): Just days after a successful two week tour of the Tristate Area, dancehall’s Dynamic duo – Razz & Biggy are currently joining one of dancehall’s most enigmatic characters – Tony Matterhorn on a Canadian tour which will see them thrilling audiences in Canada from coast to coast, an initiative that can only be considered as Ultimate Entertainment. Only fitting that some of Canada’s leading event managers has teamed up to make this tour a reality.

The tour already has them booked for appearances in cities such as Vancouver, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Oshawa and Hamilton. It kicked off on November 11th with the first stop being the Motel Night club in Vancouver. The venue plays host to ‘Boom Blast Reggae Thursdays’ and on that evening will bare witness to the selecting wizardry of Razz & Biggy and the electrifying Stage Performance of Tony Matterhorn.

Taking it up a notch in intensity tonight they’ll be rolling through the Level Two Night Club in Winnipeg. Jamaica’s finest will be joined by some of Canada’s highly requested disc jockeys – Kid Adojah Kapone and Dj Keesh, complemented once more by a live Performance from Tony Matterhorn. On November 13th they will be celebrating at an event called ‘Sting – The Scorpion Celebration’ at the Premium Banquet Hall. The event will see musical selections from Razz & Biggy representing Jamaica, Supa Twitch from Miami, Firekid Steenie from Toronto amongst others.

With no less than six stops in between the tour draws to a close in Hamilton, Ontario on November 20th at the Essence Banquet Hall. The night will see Razz & Biggy matching musical skills with Canada’s well respected Red Flame, Dj Extreme and Vertex Sound.  Tony Matterhorn will be up to his usual antics thrilling the audience as well.

When the duo returns to Jamaica they will be gearing up to turn up the heat in the Blaze Night Club in Portmore for their Inferno Fridays; appropriately dubbed ‘Portmore Bembe’ set to take place on November 26th. “Portmore has been asking for the Bembe vibe for a while and we are ready to bring it to them, all gift wrapped”, Biggy went on to exclaim. Seductive People Looking for an Intimate Time will be following Razz & Biggy to the Event - S.P.L.I.T which is set to take place on November 28th on Red Hills Road across from Calabar High.

Considered by many as some of the hardest working disc jockeys; Razz & Biggy have been hard at work, from promoting their musical productions, to feeding the appetite of the avid dancehall/reggae listener with mixtapes like ‘Songs with Feelings’, ‘Island Pop’ and more recently ‘Freestylin’. The duo never complains about their busy schedule; “we are doing what we love and it hardly ever feels like a burden” comments Razz.

These two are true inspirations to the saying that hard work is the key to success, even though they continue to climb the ladder of success, the work they put in never ceases, instead it expands exponentially to match their strides.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Party goers in the tristate area embracing the selections of Dancehall’s Dynamic Duo

(A.I.M Inc): Dancehall’s dynamic selecting duo – Razz & Biggy, recently left the island for a 2 week mini tour consisting of 8 dates in and around the tristate Area of New York.

Brooklyn, the place that is considered to be New York City’s most populous borough played host to the first stop for Razz & Biggy on their North Eastern tour of the United States with their weekly event – ‘Wah Gwan Wednesdays.

The series that is hailed as a must attend if you are in Brooklyn has played host to many Dancehall/Reggae selectors and sound systems from within the United States and countries like Jamaica and has also witnessed performances from entertainers like Richie Loops and Lady Saw, so it was no surprise that to see Razz & Biggy billed for a stint on October 22nd. No strangers to the New York vibe, the duo thrilled the crowd with pleasing selection after selection.

Next stop was a town called Poughkeepsie which is nestled on the east bank of the Hudson River. A fitting place for the Duo to have hosted their dance classes, playing a string of hits and dancing tunes, the patrons were sent into frenzy soon after they took control of the turn tables and that same energy followed for the rest of the night.

On what should have been their ‘night off’ the duo joined Dancehall Star Serani at the Area Night Club in Queens and needless to say they rocked the house. Serani has become a favourite in the hearts of the ladies of New York and the selecting duo has their fair share of those there as well, together they executed an unforgettable performance.

The duo continued on to Hartford Connecticut on Sunday the 24th with the same vibe and energy they started out with on Wednesday. The event, as promised by the promoters was to be ‘energy packed’ fuel by the selecting engine that is Razz & Biggy. He can rest well knowing that he made a good choice bringing them to Hartford for the event as they didn’t fail at entertaining what was a packed venue. One patron shouted “Razz & Biggy a di baddis ting”! This after Biggy introduced one of the duo’s many dubplates which bounced from the speakers set up around the venue.

What has now become known as the Razz & Biggy Global Express continues to roll on, this mini North Eastern tour continues until October 29th with what is now four dates. By the look of things it could be extended as promoters continue to make bookings for the Express before it rolls on, quite like it has done since the year began thrilling audiences in Europe, the Caribbean and other states in the United States.

The remaining confirmed dates are:

Monday, October 25, 2010 -              Bad Girl Mondays (Bronx)
Wednesday, October 27, 2010           Nantucket (Massachusetts)
Thursday, October 28, 2010               Springfield (Massachusetts)
Friday, October 29, 2010                    Facebook Fridays (Washington)