Monday, January 28, 2013

Drink and Rave Music Video Competition

…. “I constantly try to find ways to allow my fans to play a part in my musical journey”

Last year was a good year for Jamaican Entertainment and an even better year for entertainer – Konshens. It saw him releasing his critically acclaimed Mental Maintenance album which wowed audiences the world over and secured top spots on most Reggae charts. He made an appearance on America’s Next Top Model, toured everywhere from the Caribbean, across America, throughout Europe and who could forget Africa. The year found him being the golden voice on dancehall tracks; it was no surprise that his name became synonymous with chart topper throughout the year. He penned his signature at the end of the year by recording what many consider to be one of the biggest hits to open the door to 2013.

The track - Drink and Rave was written by Konshens in celebratory tone; commemorating his success in an industry which is unexpectedly turbulent on a good day. The vibe and energy of the song encourages enjoyment and is no surprise that it was quickly accepted in the dancehall space.

Both Konshens and dancehall's dynamic duo - Razz & Biggy (producers of the track) are enthused about how well audiences have taken on to the song, this enthusiasm has powered the initiative to give the song the added power of visuals, the team has decided to produce not one but two videos to accompany the song, set for production in early this year. The concept for the music videos will be – ‘Mad Memories’. One video will be solely for the fans and will allow them to be global stars all courtesy of Konshens and the production team.

"Amidst all the drinking and raving I try to never ignore the fact that the fans are the real reason that I am in the position that I enjoy and I constantly try to find ways to allow my fans to play a part in my musical journey", were the sentiments of an ever well spoken Konshens. To this end the team has decided to give the fans the opportunity to play integral parts in the music video, no matter where in the world they are located.

Fans are being encouraged to send photos and/or videos (length not exceeding 30 seconds) of them and their real friends drinking and raving to . These captures should embody the true essence of the song; showing the vibe and energy of enjoying drinks and raving; a true celebration. The best photos and videos will be added as ‘cut-aways’ during the production of the official fan video for the song. The photo or video which is voted the ‘ultimate drink and rave’ will win prizes courtesy of Konshens, Subkonshus Music and Razz & Biggy.  The winner will be chosen by the team and weighed with the likes/votes tallied on the Razz & Biggy Facebook fan page – .

To give an understanding of how the team rewards their fans, a member of the Subkonshus Music management team did not hesitate to mention that “the last prize winner of a Konshens competition won an all expense paid trip for two; tourist style”. These prizes should be just as good.

Submissions may be sent starting January 28, 2013 and will continue for two weeks; final submissions must be received on or before February 10, 2013.

When commenting on the plan for the video, half of the production duo – Razz saw it important to state that “Though we endorse the ‘Drink and Rave’ movement we still want to implore everyone to ensure that if they are drinking they do so responsibly”.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reviving Live Poetry with

….the event series is poised to provide an ecstatic expression of feeling

The Jamaican Entertainment scene was birthed on the concept of a vibrant and exciting live element; it saw the emergence of the dub sessions, melodious acoustic studio recordings, hilarious plays, thrilling sound/artiste clashes and mind gripping poetic displays. Over time we have slowly started losing focus on some of these elements and many argue that this has contributed to what has become a less than impressive local entertainment scene. With the introduction of, a passionate group of young people are set to reintroduce live poetry, starting in the metropolis.

“Like the name suggests the event series is poised to provide an ecstatic expression of feeling as true poets are known for” explains a visibly enthusiastic Tanhoi Sinclair from the Promotional team responsible for the event series. She went on to explain “We just want to feed the hunger for quality live entertainment”. promises to cater to patrons who crave a nice relaxing evening filled with superb live entertainment; this will take the form of established/budding poets, story tellers and other performers delivering a special mix of talent each night. The ultimate gratification for them is to gain exposure via this medium to mature audiences.

This event will create an intimate environment for live performers and enthusiasts alike forming what will become the premier ‘Poetry Jam Session’ in Jamaica. Allowing anyone to exercise their poetic muscle and/or come and enjoy the same, while helping to build the poetry community in Jamaica. will be held every Thursday evening between 6pm and 12am at Thiaah’s Juices and Organic Foods (22 Belmont Road, Kingston 6). Entry to the event will be charge free with refreshments on sale throughout the night. These will feature savory vegetarian finger foods, Natural juices and a fine selection of some of the world’s best wines.

The invitation is open to all performers to come and showcase their talent, if interested an email may be sent to the team at for more information. 

Follow the movement:
Twitter - @rhap_so_dy

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Konshens pledges to ‘Drink and Rave’

….reflects on the hard work that it took to allow him to enjoy his current success

Dancehall’s ‘It Man’ – Konshens has teamed up with the industry’s Dynamic Duo – Razz & Biggy and the result is a celebratory track titled ‘Drink and Rave’ which is slated to be released under the Razz & Biggy Music Imprint. Celebration is a major part of success; it’s that part of the journey that makes it all worth the effort that was put in from the beginning.  Drink and Rave is just that; an anthem for celebration.

Few members of the Jamaican Entertainment fraternity have been continuously riding the wave of success quite like Konshens, since his debut in 2005 which was by popular demand, initiated in Japan; destined for success you may say. 2012 has been really great to Konshens, he was featured on the Reality series conceptualized by model Tyra Banks – America’s Next Top Model, he toured Uganda to glorious receptions, was featured on Mtv Iggy, released the Mental Maintenance album which topped charts around the world, places like Japan and Germany readily comes to mind.

In Drink and Rave Konshens reflects on the hard work that it took to allow him to enjoy his current success and reaffirms his belief in the supreme being and in those age old sayings; ‘who God bless no man curse’ and ‘wah fi be haffi be’.  There should never be a question about the artiste’s view on loyalty; in various lines throughout the track he echoes sentiments of embracing not only the loyalty of those around him but also those who played a positive impact on the musical journey that he embarked on years ago.

“Working with Konshens was a great experience” commented a notably pleased Razz, he went on to explain that “Konshens is the consummate professional, he knows and understands the concept of hard work and does not hesitate to get straight to work when in the studio”. Since launching the Razz & Biggy Music label the duo has worked on few productions which include their critically acclaimed ‘First Born Riddim’.

Drink and Rave was exclusively premiered on the duos fifth mixtape effort for 2012 titled ‘One More Year’. “It was only fitting to use our mixtape to premiere it” commented Biggy when asked about the choice to use that medium to launch the song. In Three days after the release of the mixtape on and it has garnered thousands of downloads, a tell tale sign that it will be a favourite in the streets in no time.

Drink and Rave is set for digital release on November 27, 2012.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Razz & Biggy releases Mavado’s So Suicidal Mixtape

The Duo continues to deliver on their promise to keep good music just a click away from their fans and music loves worldwide

Hot on the heels of his long awaited return to Jamaica recently, dancehall heavy hitter – Mavado hit the studio and teamed up with the genre’s dynamic duo – Razz & Biggy to compile an action packed mixtape ‘just for the fans’.

The mixtape is aptly titled ‘So Suicidal’ which mirrors the sing jay’s track with the We The Best label boss – Dj Khaled called Suicidal Thoughts which was the lead single from Dj Khaled’s ‘Kiss the Ring’ album. The 26 track effort sees production credits from some of the industry’s most talented production labels such as DASECA, Big Ship and Chimney Records amongst others representing for the local team. Jerry ‘Wonda’ Duplessis, the producer who helped shape Wyclef and the Fugees’ Island-informed sound, is the man responsible for the guitar-laced ‘Souljah Girl’, other international production credits rest with Dj Khaled, Boi-1da and T-minus.  With guest appearances from artistes such as Ace Hood, Chase Cross, Chipmunk, Meek Mill, Buccaneer and Akon, it was of no surprise that the mixtape racked up thousands of downloads within hours of being posted online on outlets like

When asked about the process of putting the mixtape together, Biggy explained that it was just as much fun as it was hard work. “Mavado is a great product of our music, he has numerous songs, finding the right blend of songs took some doing, but the artiste is so good to work with that’s why the finished product was so quickly embraced by audiences far and wide”, explained a visibly pleased Biggy.

2012 has seen Razz & Biggy being very busy both in the studio and in the streets, with sold out tour dates both locally and overseas and other combination efforts with artistes like Denyque and Bugle to their credit. In May 2012 the critically acclaimed - ‘I am Super Girl; Denyque’s mixtape debut was dropped and three months later in August ‘Psalms’; a strong mix of songs from the talented Bugle was unleashed. This year has been exceptionally good to Dancehall’s Dynamic Duo. With the end of the year fast approaching  they reveal that their schedule remains just has hectic; “the lord has really blessed us, so we just continue to do our best in whatever we do, please the people and keep doing good work” Razz went on to explain.

The Duo continues to deliver on their promise to keep good music just a click away from their fans and music loves worldwide. With numerous mixtapes available on their website – , they enjoy a hit rate which is envied by most entertainment pages on the web.

The So Suicidal Mixtape is available free for download on .