Tuesday, April 28, 2009

APPLETON MAY DAZE - Red-light Fantasy

Set to paint the town Red with the Fantasy of Appleton May Daze

Tuesday, April 28, Kingston, Jamaica (A.I.M Inc.): May 1st will see the first event of the Appleton May Daze 2009 series coming to life. The event titled Red-light Fantasy will see Akbar in New Kingston being transformed into a Fantasy world filled with the sexy and seductive colour Red.

The resident Dj for the series Zj Ice is eagerly anticipating the start of the series and wants his fans to know that for the first night he will be coming with the fire to set the stage for what is gearing up to be the best way to party every Friday in May. The Selectors from Code Red are always ready with their arsenal of exclusive remixes and promise the patrons coming out to Red-light Fantasy that they will live up to their status of being one Jamaica’s best. The music will be topped off by the maestro from the Zip Family; Zj Johnny Kool who will be blessing the first night with his skill that has propelled him to being one of the best Disc Jockeys on local radio. Early Juggling will be provided by the new Sensations from Static Outkasts.

Jamaica’s Favourite Rum will be available in abundance, let’s just say the promoters are giving away Appleton. There will be 2 -4-1 Appleton Mixes available for the whole night, so double up……we dare you. In keeping with the Fantasy element Red-light Fantasy will show case the featured Mix Drink; Red Lipstick.

Ladies are encouraged to come out and support dressed in Red, if they do so before 11pm, they enter free, Appleton May Daze is all about the ladies. General entry is $600. VIP card holders enter hassle free with their guest.

Monday, April 20, 2009


The promoters from Jade: Beatz Promotions will be unleashing yet another Fun-filled, fantasy frenzied series of events in May 2009. The event series, titled Appleton May Daze was dubbed as ‘Best New Event Series’ by local (Jamaican) media houses last year and this year the promotional team has put together a package of events that is set to take the month of May by storm by not only fulfilling some fantasies but by also meeting and exceeding the expectations of the patrons that come prepared to party.

For the second year, Appleton May Daze will be hosted at the spacious, patron friendly and central location; Akbar, 11 Holborn Road in New Kingston, Jamaica. This year patrons can come expecting to be wowed by the different themes each night which will be based on individual colour schemes all standing firm to the promoters’ prospect of bringing Appleton May Daze in COLOUR.

Appleton May Daze continues to be one of the most affordable ways to party on a Friday night, allowing patrons to enjoy general entry for only $600 each night. The promoters pride themselves on being able to please their female patrons and encourage them to come out and party early; as ladies enter free before 11pm each night.

Red Light Fantasy - The fun, frolic and fantasy starts on May 1st with the staging of Red Light Fantasy, creating a fantasy atmosphere with a backdrop of the ever sexy colour Red. Music will be provided by Zj Ice (the Resident Dj), Code Red and Zj Johnny Kool. There will be 2 -4-1 Appleton Mixes available all night with the featured drink being Red Lipstick.

Short Temper 2 – This event was greatly successful in 2008, it was only fair that the Fantasy be created a second time. This year ladies are encouraged to wear Blue Shorts and/or skirts as the colour code will be Blue. Music will be provided by Zj Ice, Zj Liquid and Dj Jigga. There will be 2 -4-1 Appleton Mixes available all night with the featured drink being Blue Movie.

Bruk Out – There is no way that there can be a celebration of music with a fusion of Fantasy and the 90’s not play apart of that celebration. Bruk Out, 90’s Overload will be taking patrons on a journey to a time when music was just that much more fun. Music will be provided by Zj Ice, Phil Dwag, Delano (From Renaissance) and The Captain Collin Hinds. There will be Appleton Mug Madness available all night with the featured drink being Della Move.

May-Hem – On May 22nd, again crazy will be the new sexy, with the hosting of this event encouraging patrons to come out Crazily Dressed in the Craziest Colours. Now the person who can pull this off with a hint of imagination will win for themselves a $20,000 Shopping Spree. Music will be provided by Zj Ice, Richie Ras and Static Outkast. There will be 2 -4-1 Appleton Mixes available all night with the featured drink being Colour Me Krazy.

Treasure Chest – Appleton May Daze pulls the curtains down on the series with this mix and mingle/flirtatious event. Ladies will be given eye patches on entry and Gents will be given pouches with gold coins, it will be up to the ladies to use their ‘womanly’ ways to get the coins from the Gents. The lady with the most coins at the end of the night will walk away with a $10,000 cash prize. Music will be provided by Zj Ice, Arif Cooper and Dj Narity. There will be Appleton Mug Madness available all night with the featured drink being Gold Member.

The Appleton May Daze VIP Access Card

Going further to prove that Appleton May Daze will be the best value for money, the Organizers will be offering a limited amount of VIP Access Cards. The Access card will grant the card holder:
Entry for themselves + 1 guest weekly
Free Drink on Entry each week
VIP Secured Parking
10% Discount on purchases made from Affiliated Stores
All on Personalized Card ( Credit Card Quality)

Patrons can get the Card for the ‘Steal of a Deal’ Price of only $3000.00.
With all that said Appleton May Daze is set to bring May 2009 alive with a Blast of Colour, Infectious Musical Selections, Sparkling Elements of Fantasy, Fun, Frolic and LOTS AND LOTS OF JAMAICA’S FAVOURITE RUM ………APPLETON.