Friday, September 4, 2009

***Kingston Allstars***

Jamaican audiences have grown accustomed to the lack of variety in the sound system arena. A group of young men aims to separate themselves from the pack and have combined their skills to create: the Kingston Allstars. Based on the dream of Dj Triple X and the need to represent our country's music in a positive and entertaining way, the decision was made to join forces and pioneer this new movement.

Consisting of members Laurin “Dj Triple X” Antonio , Daniel “Supastylz” Moreno , Tremma “Ras” Logan , Rajiv Bill$ Punancy, Dwayne Empire Tulloch and Richard “Master P “ Pusey - all with experience in various aspects of the entertainment industry. This experienced group of selectors have stamped their individual and collective marks on a number of parties such as Absinthe, Twisted Spirits, Bills , South Beach and they will be most remembered as the resident DJs at the 2009 Heinekein Igloo Series.

The Unit started out playing at house parties and birthday parties just over a year ago. Their skill and appeal soon had patrons requesting them on a more professional level, and it was at that time that Empire decided that there is a desire for this kind of sound system in the musical arena. This movement has grown from strength to strength, therefore the decision to further branch out and create a sound system with a more positive international appeal was made.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring you... the Kingston Allstars.


  • Dwayne “Empire” Tulloch: Manager
  • Rajiv “Bill$” Punancy: Manager
  • Tremma “Ras” Logan: Treasurer
  • Richard “Master P” Pusey: Selector
  • Oshane “Triple X” Hewling: Selector
  • Daniel “Supastylz” Moreno: Selector

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View Pictures from thier Launch Party - Click Here (SKKAN Media Pictures)

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