Friday, December 4, 2009

Kartel/Mavado - Showdown at 'High Noon'

A.I.M Inc. Entertainment received a letter today (December 4, 2009) which sees Vybz Kartel expressing his desire to meet with Mavado as a means of trying to lay to rest their alledged feud. The letter has been added, read for yourself...................

With all due respect to the Commissioner, I think they went a little overboard in making such a hasty decision, especially in light of thefact that Mavado and I are currently in negotiation as to how best we can publicly make a cry for peace.

I can undoubtedly speak on behalf of David when I say there is no animosity between either parties and truth be told, we have been indialogue from time to time and since recently, even more regularly inour mutual big to best resolve this so-called feuding in the minds of dancehall fans in particular and the wider society, in general.

Let it be known that in a gesture of goodwill, faith and patriotism that I, Adidja Palmer, will be making myself available on Wednesday of next week, December 9 to stand with David Brooks, in HWT, at noon,under the famous clock to show Jamaica that we're patriotic Jamaicans and as such, are bound to secure the well-being of such. I am calling on the relevant authorities who also have a stake in resolving this public feud to endeavour to make it happen in a peaceful, organised manner.

Sincerely yours.

Adidja Palmer di Teacha

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