Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bill$ - Secrets Exposed

The economic crunch has sent many promoters into hiding, some are at a lost for thought and then there are promoters like New Dawn who have consistently created and executed ‘recession proof’ events like Bill$ who will thrive on delivering events that patrons will always hold dear to them.

On December 18th, 11 Holborn Road in New Kingston is set to witness the unveiling of ‘Secrets’ as New Dawn Entertainment brings Bill$ - Secrets Exposed.

Value for your Dollar

Everybody is placing greater emphasis on a tighter budget for the Christmas season, it was with this in mind that Bill$ was birthed in the first placed. The event is one of only a few events that find it easy to give patrons optimum value for their money, it is the one night everything will cost JA$100 (how many promoters can say that?) Drinks, food and even entry (before 11pm)……yep that’s what they said …..EVERYTHING WILL COST A BILLS ($100).

Rough Rider Condems VIP Lounge – For only 10 BILL$ a few patrons (100 to be precise) will be able to witness the Secrets being exposed in the VIP Lounge. This all inclusive experience will be make the promoters the enemy of many other promoters as the all inclusive experience that is planned for the VIP Lounge will be rivaled by other “Premium Events”, so be among the select few to benefit from this offering. Interested persons are encouraged to call 3677099 and be in the select 100.

The overwhelming response to previous staging of the event was the driving force for the promoters to move Bill$ to a bigger more spacious venue. “Akbar, was chosen to give our patrons more room to enjoy themselves and the energy that only Bill$ can deliver”, commented Managing Director of New Dawn Entertainment; Danielle Davis.

You’ll have more room to vibe to music from Coppershot, Zj Johnny Kool, Richie Ras and Kingston Allstars.

Spacious Venue, undisputed value for money, music from the best and a devotion to deliver the best in entertainment, Bill$ is the place to be on December 18th.

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