Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reviving Live Poetry with Rhap.so.dy

….the event series is poised to provide an ecstatic expression of feeling

The Jamaican Entertainment scene was birthed on the concept of a vibrant and exciting live element; it saw the emergence of the dub sessions, melodious acoustic studio recordings, hilarious plays, thrilling sound/artiste clashes and mind gripping poetic displays. Over time we have slowly started losing focus on some of these elements and many argue that this has contributed to what has become a less than impressive local entertainment scene. With the introduction of Rhap.so.dy, a passionate group of young people are set to reintroduce live poetry, starting in the metropolis.

“Like the name suggests the event series is poised to provide an ecstatic expression of feeling as true poets are known for” explains a visibly enthusiastic Tanhoi Sinclair from the Promotional team responsible for the event series. She went on to explain “We just want to feed the hunger for quality live entertainment”. Rhap.so.dy promises to cater to patrons who crave a nice relaxing evening filled with superb live entertainment; this will take the form of established/budding poets, story tellers and other performers delivering a special mix of talent each night. The ultimate gratification for them is to gain exposure via this medium to mature audiences.

This event will create an intimate environment for live performers and enthusiasts alike forming what will become the premier ‘Poetry Jam Session’ in Jamaica. Allowing anyone to exercise their poetic muscle and/or come and enjoy the same, while helping to build the poetry community in Jamaica.
Rhap.so.dy will be held every Thursday evening between 6pm and 12am at Thiaah’s Juices and Organic Foods (22 Belmont Road, Kingston 6). Entry to the event will be charge free with refreshments on sale throughout the night. These will feature savory vegetarian finger foods, Natural juices and a fine selection of some of the world’s best wines.

The invitation is open to all performers to come and showcase their talent, if interested an email may be sent to the team at rhap.so.dy.jamsessions@gmail.com for more information. 

Follow the movement:
Twitter - @rhap_so_dy

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