Wednesday, March 9, 2011


…the Riddim sees the production powerhouse using the melodic sounds of an acoustic Guitar infused into the main stem…

Few production houses have the street credibility to be able to create a storm of a production at a whim, DASECA Productions being one of the few spent weeks in the studio mastering an effort, appropriately titled the Category 5 Riddim.

Set for official release on March 15, 2011 via popular Digital outlets like Amazon and iTunes, the Riddim sees the production powerhouse using the melodic sounds of an acoustic Guitar, infused into the main stem of this Riddim to create a sound that no one can dispute is easy on the ears.

To date DASECA has enlisted the vocal talents of Dancehall A-Listers like Serani, Mavado, I-Octane and Bugle, joining them are the sounds of upcoming sensation Kibaki and the new talent out of the DASECA camp – Dexta Daps.

Approximately this time last year they were frowned upon for releasing their ‘Genesis’ Project in a similar fashion, the Riddim was released straight to digital outlets. Critics considered this method not to be effective, however the group of talented producers proved their critics wrong when soon after its release, the Genesis was the talk on the lips of Dancehall enthusiasts worldwide and not much later became a hit on the party scene and radio stations the world over.

To help propel the success of the Category 5 Riddim, the production trio have teamed up with the Dynamic Duo – Razz & Biggy to compile a three minute sample of the tracks already recorded, this sample which was only made available 24 hours prior to this release has already garnered hundreds of plays via Sound Cloud and already has made its way to social playgrounds like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Another hit?? …… It wouldn’t be a surprise.

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