Sunday, February 14, 2010

NeggieViews: Valentines Day

So I was asked to share my views on Valentines Day by a friend of mine. I delved into the inner workings of my mind and came up with the following.

According to the internet. Valentines Day celebration is attributed to St. Valentine and blah blah blah. To this I say ERRONEOUS. Valentines day was created by a secret society of women who were being neglected in the gift department from their men. These women were tired of not being treated to gifts and nice things and as such went to Thomas Edison, upon their visit they recieved a lightbulb moment and decided to scheme of ways to solicit gifts from their male counterparts. After countless revisions Valentines Day was born. They still exist to this day, their message perpetuated by the media. This is why the focus of Valentines Day is on women.

Thats the TRUE history of how Valentines Day came about. Now for my take on the whole Valentines excitement.

In my opinion Valentines Day should hold NO importance whatsoever. Lets think about it for a second. If you are a girl in a healthy relationship and you are being taken care of by your man. To clear the air I dont mean being spoilt with expensive gifts, I mean if your man makes you happy and surprises you when he can with gifts within his budget, why is it so important if he does it on February 14th or not. It is NOT important, you are just being brainwashed by the hype and the media. On the flipside. If you inna a crappy relationship and your man refuses to show appreciation in the form of gifts then why is it so IMPORTANT for him to do it on February 14th. It is NOT important, because if he does buy the gift for you on February 14th he is not doing it out of appreciation for you. He is doing it because he feels he must, if you have one of the men in your life please feel free to utilize the next exit.

Now that we have established that Valentines Day is overhyped, let me clear the air a little more. I am not against a fellow buying a gift for his girlfriend on Valentines Day. I am against the reasons behind it. If you buying a gift for your girl just because it is Valentines Day and you feel like you have to, then you sir are a FOOL. If however you decide to go all out on this day for the sole reason that you know your girlfriend is still brainwashed by the hype and it remains important to her and you want to make this day special for her, then and ONLY then will I support these actions.

Also fellows if you are with a lady that reciprocates your efforts on Valentines Day, for the reason that she wants to make the day special for you and NOT for the reason that you are buying her a gift so she feels inclined to buy you one, then you sir have a woman that has the NeggZ stamp of approval.

In essence the thought behind your gift giving is what important and not the fact that you have recieved a gift on this day.

Written by: Stephen 'Neggie' Pryce

Look out for his blog coming soon

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