Saturday, October 3, 2009


Known for her stimulating and mind boggling moves on the dance floor, her sexy gap toothed smile and extremely loving character this dancer is being hailed in entertainment circles as the one that will carry Jamaican Dancing/Dance Moves to the next level with her ingenious style and unmatched creativity. With each progressive month in 2009, Mystic Davis has become the go-to-girl when it comes to creative routines both on set and ‘in the dancehall’ and this has allowed her to gain momentum towards ‘FAME’.

So it would be only fitting to have her birthday celebration this year reflecting her rise to FAME. This exclusive invitation only event will be held at Carlos CafĂ© in Kingston, Jamaica. Set to take place on October 17th (the day before her birthday) the event will see her family, friends, fans and well wishers alike coming together to dance their troubles away…..much like what she does every day.

Music will be provided by some of her skilled turn table friends including: - Dj Bunco, Zj Ice, Dj Karyzma & her sister Dj Naz (from Green Synergy). FAME has found itself in ‘Good Company’ as it is being endorsed by the group of individuals that are responsible for such crowd favorite events as Summer Cookout, Christmas Cookout, Appleton May Daze and Taboo Bill$ amongst others.

To ‘Dance the Night away’ reserve your place by sending a request to and come.

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